Friday, September 25, 2020

Dozens of children and teachers quarantined after string of COVID-19 cases detected at schools across Spain

DOZENS of children are in quarantine following a string of COVID-19 outbreaks at Spanish schools this week. One...

Drunk trucker phones police to get arrested in Spain’s La Rioja because he wanted the sack to claim state...

A DRUNK lorry driver rang the Guardia Civil to say that he was intoxicated and asked to be arrested.

Expert eye advice for back to school students in Spain

WITH children spending as much as six hours a day on smartphones and other digital devices, Specsavers Ópticas is encouraging students to...

Judge in Spain examining spy network linked to infamous Gürtel corruption case that implicated top politicians

A HIGH court judge has started examining the findings of a report into a spying network that allegedly aimed to protect high-ranking...

Spain COVID-19 vaccine setback as British test subject falls ill

SPAIN's purchase of three million doses of the British developed vaccine has hit a setback after one of the UK's test subjects...

Surfer dragged off beach in Spain by men in hazmat suits after testing positive for COVID-19 and refusing to...

Someone who knew the woman called the authorities after seeing her in the water, knowing that she was supposed to be at home in self-isolation

Spanish study finds Vitamin D may keep COVID-19 patients out of intensive care

A FORM of vitamin D may have kept COVID-19 sufferers out of intensive care, according to a Spanish study.

Spain’s road signs labelled ‘sexist’ in government report

ROAD signs and information signs in Spain have been branded sexist in a government report. The State Attorney General's...

Spain studying reducing coronavirus quarantine from 14 to 10 days

The reduction to 5 or 7 days as proposed by Germany has been ruled out

Spain adds 26,560 COVID-19 cases over weekend as official total surpasses 500,000 and children begin return to school

Many parents remain concerned that schools will not be able to cope with anti-coronavirus measures but have been told that attendance is mandatory

Tax avoidance or tax evasion – don’t get them confused!

THE complexity of tax should not be overlooked and becomes even more of a challenge when you live overseas.

Spanish ‘staycationers’ give glimmer of hope to tourism, as millions of international visitors stay at home

AMID dramatic estimates of 40 million fewer international visitors already this year, the campers and caravanners of Spain are offering some financial...

Spain’s ERTE furlough scheme set to be extended as talks in Mallorca continue between government and unions

NEGOTIATIONS on extending Spain’s ERTE furlough scheme resume tomorrow (Monday September 9). A meeting in Palma (Mallorca) between government...

Spain’s hidden beaches to visit

FINDING a quiet beach, now more than ever, is a goal for locals and holidaymakers alike. With coronavirus...

Estimates show Spain’s ‘lockdown loss’ of over 40 million tourists and nearly 50 BILLION euros so far

FIGURES released this morning, September 6, suggest that Spain had around 40 million fewer international tourists during the first eight months of...

Spain’s military opens enrolment postponed by COVID-19 amidst nationwide record unemployment

SPAIN's military has opened its enrolment process this amid a second spike in unemployment rates across the country. The...

Spain adds more than 10,000 COVID-19 cases Friday

It brings the total number of official cases in the country since the pandemic began to 498,989

Caixabank and Bankia merging to become Spain’s largest financial entity

Details of the negotiations are being kept firmly under wraps but both giants have confirmed that talks are underway

Spanish government issues warnings about residents receiving unsolicited seed packets from China

Deliveries have also been widely reported in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Portugal and Holland. About 100 households in England have allegedly received the seeds.

Spain adds almost 9,000 COVID-19 cases Thursday – but 70% are asymptomatic and health boss says disease is slowing...

In his press conference today, director of health emergencies Fernando Simon said more than 30% of new cases are being reported in Madrid

Dictator Franco’s family told by authorities to hand palace back to Spanish state

GRANDCHILDREN of dictator Francisco Franco have been ordered to return what was once their ancestor's Summer palace to the state.

LISTED: The towns in Spain which have reverted to lockdown measures to fight COVID-19, including in Malaga

While any significant jump in caseload is concerning, what health experts fear most is 'community transmission'

Spain adds 8,581 COVID-19 cases with Madrid taking lion’s share of ‘second wave’

The total number of people to have officially tested positive for COVID-19 in Spain now stands at 479,554

WATCH: Spain’s Pedro Almodovar shares preview of first English film

REVERED Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar has released a snippet of his first English language film The Human Voice online.

Spanish phone giant launches world leading 5G technology for 75% of the country

The new technology will provide a major boost to manufacturing and other industries across Spain, with super high network speeds allowing for full automation and linear connectivity