Friday, September 18, 2020

Drug lord captured as Spanish police arrest 29 in gang crackdown across Malaga, Seville and Cádiz

THE HEAD one of Europe’s biggest drug gangs was arrested in Spain after a major sting operation.  Leader of...

Serial burglar who committed at least 13 robberies at holiday homes across Spain’s Mallorca arrested

An investigation had suggested that the same person had illegally entered all of the burglarised rental homes

Cuban kingpin couple who supplied cocaine to ‘majority of dealers’ across Spain’s Mallorca brought down

As part of 'Operation Gunpowder,' 16 'members' of the gang were arrested in multiple dawn raids

Expats fear mystery gang smuggling dozens of petrol containers onto boats is ramping up Costa del Sol crime

IT comes during broad daylight and on an almost-daily basis: Over a dozen men carrying massive containers onto speed boats in Duquesa...

Hunted: Machete madman on most-wanted list could be in Spain years after evading capture

ONE of the UK’s most wanted criminals is said to be living among the expat community on the Costa del Sol. 

WATCH: Man arrested after posting video online of himself ‘dancing’ in his car at 125mph

SPANISH National Police have arrested a young man after he posted a video clip online of him ‘dancing’ in his car at...

Drug traffickers collide with undercover Guardia Civil car in high-speed chase

THREE police agents and two drug traffickers have been left injured after ramming their car into an official police vehicle while attempting...

Police recover 3.3 million masks and gloves after largest black market COVID-19 theft in Spain

In total, 2.4 million pairs of gloves were taken, along with 800,000 surgical masks and 100,000 FFP2 masks, amounting to a total value of €700,000

Fire at Sisu Hotel could have been the Spanish Grenfell claims building owner’s lawyer

A MYSTERY blaze that left one hotel guest dead could have been ‘like Grenfell Tower’, claims a lawyer representing the building’s owners.

IN PICS: Dozens of locals attending protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Spain’s Mallorca slapped with €100 fines

Dozens of demonstrators were sanctioned for taking part in the Palma demo against Spain’s stringent COVID regulations

Rui Pinto es un estafador ordinario

El 4 de septiembre tendrá lugar el juicio del estafador, ladrón y chantajista portugués Rui Pinto. Delincuente experimentado y peligroso, él, en la primera...

Two clients kidnapped and beaten in Andalucian brothel for not paying their bills

A BROTHEL in the Andalucian town of Antequera is under investigation after three members of its staff were arrested for torturing two...

Teenager stabs father seven times for confiscating mobile phone in Spain’s Mallorca

The boy, 13, inflicted multiple stab wounds to his dad when he had his telephone taken away from him over the weekend

Drug bust in Almeria as police foil hashish drop on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE have intercepted 1,400 kilos of hashish on Guardias Viejas beach in Almería. Officers arrested three people and...

No pool or boat parties and smoking ban: Spain’s Balearic Islands introduce tougher measures to combat COVID-19

Boat and pool parties will now be strictly prohibited, since according to the Balearic government, these are where contagions are most likely to occur

British woman who fled to Spain from abusive husband faces extradition by courts

A BRITISH WOMAN who fled to Almeria with her children in October 2019 must return to her abusive husband in the UK...

Police shut down illegal rave party in Spain’s Malaga

Alcohol and drugs were found on the premises and over 60 boozed-up party-goers caught without facemasks.

Tourists take down Romanian pickpocket 48 hours after being robbed in Spain’s Mallorca

Investigators say the thief had been arrested five times in just three weeks for the same crime

Police arrest 34 members of Romanian pickpocketing gang who preyed on tourists in Spain’s Mallorca

A total of 34 members, all of Romanian nationality, were arrested in multiple raids across the island yesterday

CAUGHT: Man who allegedly stole €1.5million in Gibraltar’s largest ever robbery nabbed by police after three years on the...

A FUGITIVE allegedly responsible for the largest robbery ever carried out in Gibraltar has been hauled back to the rock more than...

Two youths arrested in Spain’s Mallorca after gouging cat’s eyes out and beating it to death

The heinous act was uncovered by residents who were awoken in the early hours by a howling feline

Police seize ancient treasure from man illegally collecting Spanish artefacts

A man from Cadiz is facing up to three years in prison after digging up ancient treasure near Jerez de la Frontera. 

President and officials at Port Authority in Spain’s Balearic Islands arrested in anti-corruption operation

President Joan Gual de Torrella woke up to being cuffed alongside three other high-ranking officials

Brawl erupts between drunk British tourists in Spain’s Magaluf days after infamous party strips shut down

Footage shows dozens of men causing havoc after they were allegedly refused entry into a bar

Serial arsonist ‘responsible’ for at least nine fires arrested in Spain’s Mallorca

The alleged arsonist, 64, has been accused of setting at least nine dumpsters alight across the capital

Mexican oil boss arrested on corruption charges while hiding out in luxury urbanisation on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THE former boss of Pemex, the Mexican state owned oil company has been extradited to Mexico to face corruption charges.