Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Holidaying pensioners found dead in possible ‘coronavirus suicide pact’ in Spain’s Tenerife

It was neighbours who phoned authorities to the property in Los Cristianos

Residents break coronavirus lockdown in Spain’s Mallorca to stop criminal making imminent car theft

A group of residents ignored government orders to remain indoors in order to stop a car theft

Drug dealer uses taxi to distribute narcotics around Spain’s Madrid amid coronavirus lockdown

A MAN has been arrested today for posing as a taxi driver to deal drugs around Madrid.  The suspect allegedly hid narcotics in chewing gum...

Lockdown rebel ignores COVID-19 checkpoint, crashes car into lamppost and attacks police officers in Spain’s Mallorca

A dramatic police chase pursued after a man failed to stop at a checkpoint in Alcudia

Police in Spain’s Catalunya seize 1,681 litres of a cleaning product falsely sold as hand gel, even though it’s...

THE police have seized 1,681 litres of a cleaning product falsely sold as hand sanitiser in Catalunya.

Man sentenced to four months in prison for repeatedly breaking lockdown restrictions in Spain’s Valencia

A MAN in the region of Valencia has been sentenced to four months in prison for repeatedly breaking lockdown restrictions.

Woman punctures partner’s tyres because he ‘kept going to play slot machines’ and risking coronavirus infection in Spain’s Alicante

A WOMAN has punctured the tyres of her partner's car because he kept 'leaving to play slot machines' and she feared he...

WATCH: Five people denounced for flouting coronavirus lockdown with Semana Santa parade, music and traditional dress in Spain’s Andalucia

Footage of the event, which flies in the face of Spain’s coronavirus lockdown, shows revellers dancing to breakbeat music

Bishop in Spain’s Basque Country fined €600 for driving with someone in the passenger seat

A BISHOP in the Basque Country has been fined for driving with someone in the passenger seat.

Madrid Police decline fining couple caught having car sex because ‘they couldn’t find intimacy’ at their busy home

MADRID police agents have declined fining a couple caught having sex in a car because they 'couldn't find intimacy' at home.

Police in Spain’s Navarra made a denuncia against an 80-year-old woman for breaking lockdown, possession of drugs and flashing...

AN 80-year-old woman in Navarra has been denounced by the police for breaking lockdown, possession of drugs and flashing the officers.

FINNISHED: Expat confesses to operating drug trafficking ring from Spain’s Marbella in shock u-turn for Finland’s biggest ever narcotics...

A MARBELLA-based Finnish expat has confessed to a string of drug-related charges in his home country.  Niko Ranta-aho took the surprising step to plead guilty...

Four arrested for kidnapping and holding man for four days in Sevilla

Police found a man handcuffed and lying on the ground with a hood over his head

A Guardia Civil agent is seriously injured after being run over at a coronavirus checkpoint in Spain’s Toledo

A GUARDIA Civil agent has been seriously injured after being run over at a Covid-19 checkpoint.

Spanish police warn pensioners could be targeted when collecting pensions

The warning comes as many older people are due to collect their pensions and will have to go alone

Two arrested for robbing pharmacy and ramming police car during getaway in Andalucia

The men are also being investigated for three more robberies the previous day

Man arrested for blocking road with stones to rob drivers forced to stop in Andalucia

A man has been arrested for blocking a road with stones to rob the drivers that were forced to stop

BLOOD BROTHERS: Roommate stabbed in the neck for telling his mate not to go out with sick girlfriend in...

POLICIA Nacional have yesterday arrested a 31-year-old man in Valencia for allegedly stabbing his housemate over a coronavirus-related argument.

Man arrested for ‘violently’ robbing pharmacy and bakery with knife and grenade on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Police were quick to establish that the alleged perpetrator in both incidents was the same person, due to his appearance

Two arrested for stoning police during transfer of infected elderly residents in Andalucia

A total of 60 people protested and some even threw stones at police officers

Man arrested in Spain’s Catalunya for robbing three supermarkets and a petrol station wearing a coronavirus face mask

A MAN who was wearing a face mask has been arrested for robbing three supermarkets and a petrol station in Catalunya.

Price of weed doubles or in some cases triples in Spain due to coronavirus lockdown

THE price of weed in Spain has skyrocketed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Policia Nacional expose hackers who try to ‘infect’ hospital computers with virus

THE Policia Nacional have uncovered an attempt by hackers to ‘infect’ hospital computers with a virus.

Drug dealing, car thefts and stabbings – criminals in Spain’s Mallorca get to work during coronavirus lockdown

Troublemakers have been out in force undertaking criminal activities across the island.

More than 12,500 police officers across Andalucia should be rapidly screened for coronavirus

A trade union has called for rapid coronavirus screenings on more than 12,500 serving police officers

Delinquents fined for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules matches number of patients infected in Spain

CONFIRMED coronavirus cases have jumped to over 33,000 in Spain following a rise of 4,000 new patients overnight. The...