Saturday, August 15, 2020

Police shut down illegal rave party in Spain’s Malaga

Alcohol and drugs were found on the premises and over 60 boozed-up party-goers caught without facemasks.

Tourists take down Romanian pickpocket 48 hours after being robbed in Spain’s Mallorca

Investigators say the thief had been arrested five times in just three weeks for the same crime

Police arrest 34 members of Romanian pickpocketing gang who preyed on tourists in Spain’s Mallorca

A total of 34 members, all of Romanian nationality, were arrested in multiple raids across the island yesterday

CAUGHT: Man who allegedly stole €1.5million in Gibraltar’s largest ever robbery nabbed by police after three years on the...

A FUGITIVE allegedly responsible for the largest robbery ever carried out in Gibraltar has been hauled back to the rock more than...

Two youths arrested in Spain’s Mallorca after gouging cat’s eyes out and beating it to death

The heinous act was uncovered by residents who were awoken in the early hours by a howling feline

Police seize ancient treasure from man illegally collecting Spanish artefacts

A man from Cadiz is facing up to three years in prison after digging up ancient treasure near Jerez de la Frontera. 

President and officials at Port Authority in Spain’s Balearic Islands arrested in anti-corruption operation

President Joan Gual de Torrella woke up to being cuffed alongside three other high-ranking officials

Brawl erupts between drunk British tourists in Spain’s Magaluf days after infamous party strips shut down

Footage shows dozens of men causing havoc after they were allegedly refused entry into a bar

Serial arsonist ‘responsible’ for at least nine fires arrested in Spain’s Mallorca

The alleged arsonist, 64, has been accused of setting at least nine dumpsters alight across the capital

Mexican oil boss arrested on corruption charges while hiding out in luxury urbanisation on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THE former boss of Pemex, the Mexican state owned oil company has been extradited to Mexico to face corruption charges.

Two more party strips shut down in Spain’s Magaluf as bar owners prepare legal action against Government

The new order, which aims to eradicate 'drunk tourism,' has already seen the closure of popular tourist hotspots in Magaluf and Palma

Magaluf and Palma party strips to be SHUT DOWN on Spain’s Mallorca over COVID-19 fears as 100 police officers...

The new order aims to fight against anti-social behaviour from holidaymakers

WATCH: Brit hotspot Nikki Beach faces €300,000 fine for ‘non-compliant’ alcohol-fuelled party in Spain’s Mallorca

Footage of the raucous party shows the beach club, popular with British holidaymakers, failing to enforce COVID-19 sanitary measures

WATCH: ‘Drunk’ Brits cause havoc jumping on cars and and singing football chants in Spain’s Mallorca

Footage shows the revellers, suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, jumping onto a parked car

Man found dead near chiringuito at popular beach on Spain’s Costa del Sol

A MAN has been found dead at a popular beach on the Costa del Sol. The victim was spotted...

Paedo caged after ‘sexually abusing girlfriend’s six-year-old granddaughter’ in Spain’s Valencia

A MAN has been arrested in Valencia for sexually abusing his girlfriend’s granddaughter.

Woman, 30, arrested for ‘stabbing partner to death’ in Spain’s Mallorca

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene with several stab wounds to his back

Drug gang that robbed other gangs on Costa del Sol dismantled by Spain’s Guardia Civil

A DRUGS gang that robbed other drug gangs on the Costa del Sol has been dismantled by the Guardia Civil.

Man sentenced to one year in prison for stabbing British holidaymaker during drunken brawl in Spain’s Magaluf

The British man had his back slashed open with a broken bottle, causing a wound of approximately 15 centimetres in length

New appeal for witnesses in the ‘Montegriffo mystery’ murder in Gibraltar

THE police made a fresh appeal for witnesses of a suspected murder of a Gibraltar dad two years ago today as the mystery continues to baffle the RGP.

PARTY LIKE IT’S COVID-19: Illegal house parties and raves filled with Brits shut down across Spain’s Mallorca

Large gatherings at private residences are strictly prohibited under Spain's 'new normality'

Off-duty policeman stops kidnapping of prostitute in broad daylight in Spain’s Mallorca

The detective witnessed the shocking events unfold while he was sitting at a terrace drinking coffee

Paedo flasher arrested in Spain’s Mallorca after chasing young girls down street to masturbate in front of them

The detainee, 35, had allegedly chased several girls down the street, including young children

Beach club in Spain’s Mallorca faces fine up to €300,000 after breaching COVID-19 capacity limit

The popular Playa de Portals beach club was swiftly shut down by police after having approximately 80 clients on its terrace

Man gets brutally attacked on Spain’s Costa del Sol after being mistaken for his twin brother

A MAN has been brutally attacked on the Costa del Sol after he was confused for his twin brother.

‘FIND THEM’: Manhunt for ‘Mercedes driver’ after top Marbella cyclist killed in hit and run on Spain’s Costa del...

A MANHUNT has been launched after a well-known cyclist was killed in a hit and run on the Costa del Sol.