Monday, November 23, 2020

Police break up 150 person villa party in Estepona complete with DJs, dancers, bar staff and security guards

A makeshift club night on Avenida de la Resina, Estepona has been broken up by police for blatant disregard of the...

WATCH: Beauty salon busted for selling heroin and marijuana behind the till in Spain’s Mallorca

Footage of the raid shows police searching the premises with an officer finding narcotics hidden inside hair rollers

ETA terrorist finally returned to Spain from Belgium to stand trial for 39-year-old murder of Lieutenant Colonel

A FORMER ETA member has returned to Spain to stand trial for the murder of a Spanish Lieutenant during the Vizcaya...

Police hunt driver after pedestrian killed in hit-and-run in Spain’s Mallorca

The incident occurred 200 metres from the Can Blau roundabout in Palma on Wednesday evening.

EXCLUSIVE: Teenager killed in deadly drive-by stabbing in Estepona, Malaga

Reporting by Laurence Crumbie and Kirsty McKenzie A 19-year-old boy has been killed in a fatal passer-by stabbing...

Woman jailed after attempting to cut off boyfriend’s penis with knife during oral sex in Spain’s Mallorca

The defendant, a 52-year-old Colombian, admitted in court to seriously wounding her former partner, aged 39, with a knife

Man with black BMW attempts kidnap of two children outside school in Spain’s Mallorca

On Monday, two children from the IES Josep Sureda i Blanes school in Palma's Son Gotleu district reported being targeted by a man driving a black BMW

Muslim cleric found not guilty of creating jihadist terror group on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A MUSLIM cleric based on the Costa Blanca has been cleared by the National Court in Madrid of setting up a terrorist...

Police shut down birthday party with over 50 guests and ‘huge’ bouncy castle in Spain’s Ibiza

A huge bouncy castle, picnic area and sound system had been set up on the property's grounds

Russian teen with no driving licence injures pregnant woman during police chase in Spain’s Marbella

The pregnant woman was taken by ambulance to a local health centre for treatment.

Two men attempt kidnap of boy, 8, outside school in Spain’s Mallorca

According to Policia Nacional, two men approached the child at approximately 12pm on Friday, November 13

Ministry of Internal Affairs awards two police dogs from Spain’s Malaga for exceptional devotion to duty

The dogs are experts in detecting drugs, precursors, weapons and other illicit commodities.

Homeless man arrested for starting fire at Spain’s Palma de Mallorca airport

Investigators say the detainee is homeless and had been sheltering in the airport's car park in recent weeks

Gay couple attacked after kissing on restaurant terrace in Spain’s Mallorca

After seeing the couple kiss, the thug hurled a barrage of homophobic insults before lunging at the pair

Police raid 100-strong illegal house party in Spain’s Benalmadena

POLICIA local have cracked down on revellers attending an illegal house party in Costa del Sol’s Benalmadena. Despite large...

Spain starts trial of suspected terrorists responsible for deadly van attack in Barcelona’s La Rambla in 2017

SPAIN's High Court will start the trial of three suspected Islamist militants today. The accused are being questioned...

Serial pervert caught sexually assaulting woman on train in Spain’s Mallorca

The victim, 18, was targeted by the detainee, 23, as she travelling on a train to Palma on the morning of October 8

#FreeTommyRobinson money circulating in Gibraltar after his arrest in London

FIVE pound notes branded with #FreeTommyRobinson are circulating on The Rock. It comes after the far-right extremist Tommy...

CAUTION – DISTURBING IMAGES: Hunt on for man that mutilated and beheaded dolphin on Spain’s Costa de Almeria

THE BEHEADING and mutilation of a dolphin on the Almerian coast is being investigated by Guardia Civil.

IN PICS: Spain’s largest ever haul of firearms seized in 10 household raids before it’s sold online

A BREATHTAKING haul of guns, missiles and ammunition has been seized by Spain’s Guardia Civil. Sources describe the foiled...

Architect Norman Foster ordered to testify in multi-million euro embezzlement case in Spain or face arrest

A JUDGE has ordered the much-loved architect Norman Foster to testify as a witness in a multi-million euro embezzlement case in Spain....

Captain of deadly boat journey to Spain’s Canary Islands that killed one-year-old baby jailed for eight years

A MOROCCAN man called Abdallah Wazri has been found guilty of two counts of manslaughter and one count of crimes against foreign...

Elderly man bound and beaten by burglars in Spain’s Mallorca with suspects taking €10,000 in cash

The suspects bound the pensioner's hands with rope and struck him multiple times, repeatedly asking him where he kept his valuables

‘Head-in-a-bag’ killer in Spain’s Andalucia identified as former Mexican crime lord

THE man responsible for the gruesome halloween killing in Huelva has been identified as a former Mexican convicted thief and crime ring-leader.

Man covers up murder of wife with car accident in Spain’s Mallorca

The suspect, 35, surrendered to police hours after allegedly murdering his wife

Wanted drug trafficker captured in Spain’s Mallorca after offering €10,000 reward on Facebook to find man who beat up...

In the recording, Jose GB offers a €10,000 reward for information on the man that beat up his nine-year-old son as he was walking home from school