Thousands of Brits signed up to the padron on Spain’s Costa del Sol in 2020

MORE than 2,000 Brits along the Costa del Sol signed up to the padron in 2020, figures have revealed.

CATALAN ELECTION RESULTS: Socialist party wins, pro-independence platform obtain best ever combined result and Vox enter parliament

IT is now 11.30 pm on election night in Catalunya, and the final results are just in. Predictions published...

BREAKING: Predicted results of Catalan elections suggest victory for pro-independence sector

IT is now 8 pm on election day in Catalunya, and the first predicted results are just coming through on regional television...

Catalan election day kicks off according to plan

However, not everyone is happy with the way things are going.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: Catalunya gears up for strangest autonomous elections ever in the midst of COVID

Tomorrow’s elections are a source of great speculation and excitement, as they could go almost any way.

Spain’s new gender bill will allow trans people to self-identify without medical intervention

SPAIN has drafted new gender recognition legislation which would allow transgender people to self identify without medical intervention.   Current...

Barcenas claims former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy knew of Gürtel slush fund

JAILED former treasurer of Spain’s Partido popular (PP), Luis Barcenas, has said ex prime Minister Mariano Rajoy knew about the illegal funding of...

Automatic renewals of job retention schemes inflate unemployment numbers in Spain

THE job retention scheme is exaggerating the downturn in the labour market, according to the Employment Secretary.  According to...

BREXIT DEAL: The five biggest losses for Brits who regularly visit or live in Spain

BORIS Johnson is rejoicing tonight after finally securing a Brexit deal following days of tense negotiations. The talks came...

Morocco’s PM says ‘time will come’ to ‘re-claim’ Spain’s two North African territories

MOROCCO'S prime minister has called for the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla to be 'returned' to the North African country.

WATCH: Message of solidarity from Spain to British expats as more than 50,000 UK nationals apply for TIE card...

MORE than 50,000 Brits have applied for the new TIE residency card since it was introduced in July of this year.

POLL: Right-wing government would hold onto Spain’s Andalucia if election held tomorrow following historic 2018 victory

ANDALUCIA would remain in the hands of a right-wing government if an election were held tomorrow, a new poll has suggested.

Boris’ Brexit dinner date in Brussels ends without a deal as talks are set to continue until Sunday

BORIS Johnson’s vital dinner with destiny, and EU chief Ursula von der Leyen, last night has ended without a Brexit deal. 

Boris Johnson reveals Brexit trade deal is looking ‘very very difficult’ at the moment

BORIS Johnson has told reporters that achieving a trade deal with the EU is looking 'very very difficult'.

UK officials believe Brexit deal could be reached in a matter of days

BRITAIN and the EU could reach a Brexit deal this week, Dominic Raab has told reporters. Speaking with...

The Spanish ‘businessman’ behind the NHS PPE scandal that cost British taxpayers millions

A SPANISH businessman was handed £21million of UK taxpayers’ money to help supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS at the...

Spain to unveil COVID-19 plan on Tuesday as Sanchez announces ‘substantial part’ of population will be vaccinated by mid...

A CONSIDERABLE number of the Spanish population will be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the first half of 2021i n a national fight-back...

Controversial education reform sees Spanish scrapped as common language in schools

A CONTROVERSIAL law scrapping Spanish as the common language in schools has been slammed as ‘linguistic genocide’ by critics. 

Boris Johnson says EU deal ‘there to be done’ ahead of new week of negotiation

BORIS Johnson has assured his cabinet that a Brexit withdrawal with the EU is 'there to be done’, amid signs Joe Biden's...

Vox party leader Santiago Abascal continues Trump support online as votes are counted in the US election

VOX party president Santiago Abascal has shown his support for Donald Trump as the result of the US presidential election hangs in the...

Spain to hike taxes on big companies and high earners in bid to reverse COVID-19 slump

The Spanish government has revealed proposals raise large companies and high earners in a bid to boost the economy following coronavirus lockdown....

Junta will not restrict entry of visitors to Spain’s Andalucia

Junta Vice-President , Juan Marin, has said the possibility of restricting entry to Andalucia on forthcoming public holidays ‘is not being considered’, and ‘the important thing is to maintain normality’.

Spain’s 2021 budget will target plastic packaging with new green taxes

TAXES on plastic packaging are to be introduced in next year’s budget as part of attempts to cut environmental waste. 

Spanish Government works to repeal parental consent rule

THE Spanish Government says it wants to change the law to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to seek an abortion without parental permission.

Spain’s Supreme Court confirms 18-month removal of Catalunya’s president

SPAIN'S Supreme Court judges have unanimously ruled that Catalunya president, Quim Torra, should be removed from his position. They...

Judge in Spain examining spy network linked to infamous Gürtel corruption case that implicated top politicians

A HIGH court judge has started examining the findings of a report into a spying network that allegedly aimed to protect high-ranking...


PREDATOR PET as alligator-style reptile is seized from a farm on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A South American caiman has been rescued from an Alicante Province farm after its owner tried to sell it for €2,000.