Tuesday, January 18, 2022


DESPERATE TIMES… Ford manufacturers in Spain’s Valencia to launch stripped-down models due to global microchip shortage

This means whole batches of certain models will hit the market without facilities such as the parking assistant.

OFFLINE: Spain’s Castellon Province among the worst for internet access in the country

Seven towns in Castellon have more than 1,000 homes each without broadband access – and the top three are major coastal tourist resorts.

Mercadona gets €2.5 million fine for installing facial-recognition cameras in their supermarkets in Spain

MERCADONA has been fined €2.5 million by Spain's data protection agency over a 'facial recognition' system trial. The aim was to spot supermarket customers that...

Phone companies in Spain vow to stop ‘cold-calling’ during afternoon siesta

SPAIN'S top phone companies have promised to cut unsolicited calls pestering people to sign up to their services putting an end to the misery...

IN THE LOOP: Spain’s Valencia hosts first European Hyperloop Week event

This is the first time an event of this kind has been held outside the USA, which makes the selection of Valencia even more special.

Pedro Sanchez announces €4.3 billion boost to electric car production in Spain

SPAIN'S government is to spend €4.3 billion in a massive revamp of its car production industry in a switch to making electric vehicles. Prime Minister,...

Eye in the sky: Spain launches new fleet of traffic drones to patrol roads this summer

THE General-Directorate for Traffic (DGT) now has a fleet of 39 drones for traffic monitoring across Spain. They finished distributing the drones to all...

Exoskeletons trialed in Gibraltar by Spanish Robotics company to help kids with muscular diseases walk

MAKING a cup of tea, brushing teeth, going for a walk with a friend are everyday activities that we often take for granted. But not...

THE FUTURE IS NOW: A flying car has completed a test flight between two airports then drove off afterwards

A SLOVAKIAN company has created a flying car prototype that completed a 35 minute flight between the international airports of Nitra and Bratislava, Slovakia.  The...

BREAKING NEWS: Movistar report phone and internet service breakdowns in parts of Spain

TELECOMS company Movistar has confirmed a failure in its phone and internet services in parts of Spain. Problems started appearing from around noon today(June 25). Customers...

SEAWEED BREAD: Scientists in Spain’s Valencia produce a healthier type of gluten-free bread by adding edible algae

This problem is said to directly affect nearly 450,000 celiac people in Spain.

TV streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime continue to boost their viewing figures in Spain

HALF of Spain's homes with an internet service are now watching streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO. That's according to a survey conducted by...

DON’T BELIEVE A WORD: Spanish police warn of new scam involving conmen posing as Microsoft technicians

The person targeted is given a set of instructions to follow in order to install what is claimed to be a safety programme, but which is really a virus that enables the fraudsters to access the device remotely

MENTAL HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH: Award-winning scientist from Spain’s Valencia discovers new protein to improve treatments

Experiments with mice revealed that those injected with OTX2 had a less anxious behaviour than ‘normal’ mice.

UK TV classics Morse and Poirot plus ‘Line of Duty’ come to Spain in a new streaming service

A new TV streaming platform has launched in Spain bringing UK TV drama classics like Inspector Morse, Poirot, and Doc Martin to a new...

Glovo delivery company in Spain is hacked with proof posted on the ‘dark web’

A hacker used an old administrator password to break into the computer network of Spain's fast delivery company Glovo. The firm said today(May 4) that...

WELL CONNECTED: Spain’s Valencia and Alicante aim to become major hubs for data processing centres

Data centres store all the information digitalised by companies, some of which are operative 99.99% of the time – meaning they are only switched off for 26 minutes once a year.

Artificial intelligence could manipulate the way you date, claim researchers in Spain

FOR lonely singles seeking a little love on Tinder, ‘a little’ could be all they get — because algorithms can easily manipulate matters of...

GET CREATIVE! Coworking and creation centre at rock-bottom prices launched in Valencia city

THERE is no shortage of creative talent in the world - from musicians to artists, handcraft artisans and technology wizards, exciting new projects are...

VINAROS GOES SOLAR: Castellon town council launches solar power project for residents and businesses

In addition to the environmental benefits, going solar is also geared towards helping families save money on their electric bill.

ROOFTOP OFFICE: Mayor of Castellon village forced to work on the sloping roof of his barn to connect to...

THE search for a decent wifi connection, or even just a phone signal, is but one of the many trials and tribulations faced by...

Europe’s first drone delivery service to be launched in Spain’s capital Madrid

THE Villaverde district in Madrid is poised to become the first place in Europe to try out a home delivery service using drones. Madrid’s City...

WHAT’S THE BEEF?: Negotiations under way to launch artificial meat in Spain and Europe

The debate about the suitability of this product is raging throughout the world, with supporters and detractors practically equal in numbers.

Acing it in a man’s world: Our Kate shares her journey from poker player to webmaster extraordinaire

OLIVE PRESS webmaster Kate Langshaw is thankfully used to the late nights of the media from her poker tournament days in Las Vegas. Most of...

UP, UP AND AWAY for space-bound hot air balloon ride from Spanish company

A SPANISH company is to offer a somewhat different balloon ride with a chance to hit the earth's atmosphere and get some spectacular views....

Underground fibre optic network installed as ‘smart city’ rollout continues on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA has finished its first phase of installing fibre optic connections as part of their ‘Plan EDUSI Smart City’ project. Their Department of Modernization and...





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