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EXPLAINED: What expats need to do to get Covid-19 vaccine in Spain

SINCE first embarking on its vaccination programme last December Spanish authorities have always been very clear that jabs will be available to everyone living...

LIKE SARDINES: Consumers’ organisation slams COVID safety measures on public transport in Spain’s Valencia

As a result of this general perception, the use of buses, tubes, trams and suburban rail services in Valencia has dropped by 29% since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak last year.

CAN’T PAY WON’T PLAY: One in four young people in Spain’s Valencia region affected by employment cutbacks

ONE out of every four young people in the Valencia region is affected by a temporary employment regulation, known as ERTE. Around 25% of employees...

GREEN BEACH BARS: Gandia announces plans for first eco-friendly chiringuitos in Spain

The move has been announced for summer 2024, when the current bar licences expire.

GET AWAY: Five suggestions for Easter travel in Spain’s Valencia region

Travellers this Easter are advised that the regional Generalitat government has launched police checks at popular outing and picnic sites in inland and coastal areas to ensure that all anti-COVID measures are being observed.

Could you be paying less for your investments and pensions?

Tracy Storer Senior Partner Chorus Financial I’ve just come out of a regular review with one of my clients, and top of the agenda was an analysis...

Domestic violence suspect escapes after stabbing wife in Spain’s Castellon

At the time of reporting, it was feared that the suspect could strike again, given his unknown whereabouts.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER: Scientists highlight the many health benefits of fresas

APRIL is slap-bang in the middle of strawberry season in Spain. Usually regarded as a luxurious treat, especially when covered in thick cream, the fruit...

WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH: Protected nature park in Spain’s Peñiscola becomes a rubbish dump

A PROTECTED nature park in Peñiscola (Castellon) has turned into a rubbish dump. Residents and the local council are complaining that the Serra d’Irta is...

Parks and camping sites will get police health safety checks over Easter in Spain’s Costa Blanca and Valencia regions

POLICE patrols are being stepped up across popular inland beauty spots across the Costa Blanca and Valencia regions during the Easter holiday period. The Valencian...

THE WAY FORWARD? Barcelona concert with 5,000 punters analysed by authorities in Spain’s Valencia ready for summer festivals

Live music has been one of the hardest-hit sectors by the anti-COVID restrictions, suffering losses of over 90% in some cases.

Guinness World Record chef passes away in Castellon

CASTELLON cuisine fans are in mourning this week. Pepe Becerra, a famous chef who had become a symbol for local gastronomy, has passed away at...

POP! Suez Canal unblocked after six days with huge bottleneck of cargo ships waiting to go through

As businesses and authorities worldwide breathe a collective sigh of relief, port managers are now struggling to make up for lost time.

Police car causes severe accident in Valencia

A NATIONAL Police car caused a severe accident when it jumped a red light and crashed into a family travelling in another vehicle in...

MORE CARS THAN PEOPLE: Four Valencian towns among list of 25 ‘car tax havens’ in Spain

FOUR towns in the Valencia region have become tax havens for car registration. Serratella (Castellon) has a total population of 95, but more than 10,000...

Living in Spain? Where will you pay Inheritance Tax?

‘In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes’ – Benjamin Franklin Never a truer word spoken, and quite honestly a depressing one!  Part of...

Valencia’s oldest drive-in cinema under threat thanks to Spain’s COVID-19 curfew

A cultural landmark in the Valencian town of Denia has issued a plea to the local government for help as the impending summer equinox...

VINAROS GOES SOLAR: Castellon town council launches solar power project for residents and businesses

In addition to the environmental benefits, going solar is also geared towards helping families save money on their electric bill.

BREXIT: “No-one knows the real implications if Brits overstay 90-day rule in Spain”

ANY Brits in Spain who have been here since before the end of last year and who have not registered as residents – or...

SHIP AHOY! 17th century Spanish galleon replica on show at Valencia Marina

Tickets can be bought at the ship itself, located next to the Veles e Vents complex at Valencia Marina, or at

ROOFTOP OFFICE: Mayor of Castellon village forced to work on the sloping roof of his barn to connect to...

THE search for a decent wifi connection, or even just a phone signal, is but one of the many trials and tribulations faced by...

Woman freed from four-month kidnap by her own husband in Spain’s Valencia

Victims of mistreatment are encouraged to telephone 016, open 24 hours a day with multiple language options and it does not register on the phone bill.

EU to help fund €1.2 billion conservation project saving agriculture in Spain’s Valencia Region

SAFEGUARDING economic sustainability and water supplies in the Valencian region is to cost 1.2 BILLION euros, with the help of the EU. A new Valencian...

Did you sign up with a Financial Adviser in Spain?

Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial Looking back, it’s obvious I was fairly naïve when I first moved to Spain in terms of...

SMOKE SIGNALS: Gandia bans smoking on Nord beach due to public health and environmental reasons

Each discarded butt is said to potentially pollute thousands of litres of seawater, leading to severe damage to marine life.

BENVINGUTS A CHINA: Plans revealed for the creation of Spain’s first Chinatown district in Valencia

There are currently an estimated 20,000 residents of Chinese origin in Valencia city.