Saturday, September 26, 2020

New COVID-19 case rate slows down in latest figures from Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW COVID-19 cases have fallen by almost a hundred in the latest set of figures announced today(September 25) in the Valencian Community.

Minister extends nightlife ban on Spain’s Costa Blanca through to late October

A BAN on nightlife businesses will be extended for a further 21 days in the Valencian Community. The measure...

Valencian president says ‘no plans’ for extra COVID-19 restrictions on Spain’s Costa Blanca

NO NEW restrictions are planned for Alicante Province in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, according to the Valencian Community president,...

Venomous scorpion bites woman opening online order in Spain’s Valencian Community

A CUSTOMER was nipped by a poisonous scorpion that was in a plastic bag of online goods ordered from Chinese retailer Aliexpress.

Biggest daily number of COVID-19 deaths since late April in Spain’s Valencian Community

COVID-19 deaths have reached their largest daily figure in the Valencian Community since April 29. 14 fatalities were reported...

Fraudsters pocketed over €600,000 meant for animal charities during two years on Spain’s Costa Blanca

NATIONAL POLICE have arrested the administrators of a charity in Paterna (Valencia) for allegedly defrauding contributors out of over €600,000.

New COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community have slowest weekly growth rate in Spain

NEW CONFIRMED coronavirus cases are slowing down in the Valencian Community as official figures show that the region is doing much better...

Appeal launched after man and his 96 CATS evicted from apartment on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A MAN has been evicted from a flat in Gandia, Valencia, leaving behind 96 cats. The animal shelter S.P.A.M.A...

Health staff to get pre-Christmas salary hike as a pandemic ‘thanks’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

HEALTH WORKERS in the Valencian Community will get a pre-Christmas salary rise in recognition of their efforts during the pandemic.

Flu jabs start early to avoid COVID-19 log jam in Spain’s Valencian Community

FLU VACCINATIONS will start on October 5 in the Valencian Community. That's a month earlier than normal to avoid...

Elderly urged to take flu vaccine to avoid healthcare system ‘overload’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A region-wide campaign begins on October 5 by appointment only in order to comply with social-distancing regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Make your own paella as Spain’s Valencia region celebrates ‘World Paella Day’

PAELLA is one of the first Spanish dishes most people name, but in case you don't know, the Valencia region is where...

New COVID-19 cases are halved over 24 hours across Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community have seen a dramatic fall over a 24-hour period. Wednesday evening's...

Husband in Spain’s Valencia defends vicious drunken attack on wife by saying women ‘must learn respect’.

A MAN was arrested for domestic violence in Valencia after attacking his wife and partially shoving her out of a window.

Village school tries to stay open in Spain’s Valencian Community by offering families a free home to get them...

A TINY village in the Valencian Community wants its primary school to stay open and is offering families free accommodation and a...

Battle of the paellas in world showdown over Spain’s famous dish in Valencia

ONE of Spain's most traditional dishes will be served up this Sunday(September 20) as World Paella Day will be celebrated for the...

Minister in Spain’s Valencian Community may be grilled over health staff safety

VALENCIAN Health Minister, Ana Barcelo, could be quizzed in court over complaints that health workers were short of personal protection gear during...

Baby boy dies after father allegedly smashed its head into cot bars in Spain’s Valencian Community

A BABY died two days after his 20-year-old father allegedly smashed its head against the bars of his cot at their Valencian...