THE huge surge in supposed needle-spiking cases experienced in bars and nightclubs across Spain this summer is worrying on so many levels and is the latest in the long list of potential dangers facing women when they go out to have a good time. 

Authorities appear to be taking it seriously but there is so much mystery surrounding the cases that it isn’t clear what the motives are or whether in fact it there really is a new danger lurking.

Experts seem to think it a highly unfeasible way to surreptitiously administer the volume of date rape drug required to render a victim helpless and to do it without being caught in the act, while police and hospital reports seem to back that up.

Very few victims of suspected jabbings not only in Spain but in France and the UK where this sort of crimewave first emerged have tested positive to any drugs, no suspects have ever been arrested.

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Myth or fact? Why we all need to be alarmed at Spain’s needle-spiking craze. Image

However, there is anecdotal evidence of people experiencing drowsiness and even black-outs and memory loss accompanied by what appear to be puncture wounds to the skin.

Questions remain as to whether targeted victims are being dosed for nefarious motives or in some sort of sick craze designed to sow terror.

Others consider that it’s all an urban myth, a social panic gripping an anxiety-ridden generation as they emerge from a pandemic.

Whatever the truth, it is having the very real effect of promoting a climate of fear.

Women already have to be wary of so many things on a night out, from unwanted attention to sexual predators spiking their drinks or following them home.

Every case should be taken seriously and nightclubs should step up efforts to promote a safe environment.


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