Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Baby poisoned by drugs during party at villa on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A nine-month-old baby was rushed to the Marina Salud Hospital in Dénia on Tuesday(July 28) after it was poisoned by drugs.

WATCH: Seven high-speed boats seized as drug trafficking gang smashed on Spain’s Costa Blanca

MORE than three tonnes of hashish and seven specially-adapted speedboats have been seized in a combined police operation on the Costa Blanca.

Brit tourists watch as brazen smugglers land drugs on beach in Spain

By Andy McInnes SIX brazen drug runners unloaded sacks of Marihuana in front of stunned British sunbathers on a...

Spanish police at Costa Blanca´s Alicante-Elche airport discover car engine with an extra-special ingredient

COCAINE with a street value of €891,000 was discovered hidden in a car engine that had been sent...

Drug gang that robbed other gangs on Costa del Sol dismantled by Spain’s Guardia Civil

A DRUGS gang that robbed other drug gangs on the Costa del Sol has been dismantled by the Guardia Civil.

WATCH: Two Britons and an Irishman arrested for punishment shooting of Brit in Spain’s Marbella

POLICE have swooped on a luxury Marbella villa to arrest three men accused of shooting a Brit four times in the legs...

British expats shocked as ‘traffickers’ dump drugs and jet skis on beach on Spain’s Costa del Sol while locals...

BRITISH expats have been left shocked by a suspected drug drop outside their Costa del Sol homes last night.

Suspected drugs trafficker heading to Spain with £19,000 cash arrested at Channel Tunnel

A MAN wanted in connection with drugs trafficking has been arrested at the Channel Tunnel as he headed to Spain with £19,000...

BUSTED: Drugs ‘gang leader’ with martial arts bodyguard arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca after being caught out by false...

POLICE have dismantled an international drugs syndicate in Alicante and arrested its leader. The notoriously security-conscious drug kingpin had...

Man in Spain kidnapped, tortured and stabbed to death

THREE people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping, torture and murder of a man in Spain. Police...

SNIFFED OUT: Drug gang of eight people who hid weed and hash in cases of garlic arrested on Spain’s...

POLICE have sniffed out a drugs smuggling gang who hid cannabis in shipments of garlic. Officers arrested eight people,...

Drug ring that used courier company to transport narcotics to France from Spain’s Costa del Sol is dismantled

THE Policia Nacional have successfully dismantled a drug ring on the Costa del Sol that used a courier service to transport its drugs to France.

Two women arrested on Spain’s Costa del Sol for stashing drugs in their face masks and bras

TWO women have been arrested in Estepona for hiding drugs in their face masks and bras.

DRUGS TO GO: Interpol issue warning after dealers in Spain take guise of food delivery drivers

A SERIES of busts by Spanish police has led to Interpol issuing a world-wide alert warning of drugs dealers operating under the...

Drugs smugglers on Spain’s Costa del Sol set up tomato canning plant to get round coronavirus lockdown rules

A GANG of drugs smugglers left stumped by the coronavirus transport ban decided to start a tomato canning business so they could...

WATCH: Police in Spain use drone to spot drugs-smuggling launch

TWO men have been arrested after a police drone spotted a suspected 'narcolancha' on Spain's river Guadalquivir. The crew...

Unlucky pair arrested for flouting lock-down rules, then see sizeable stash of hash and cash seized, too

TWO MEN from Molina de Segura, near Costa Calida's Murcia, lost out in a number of ways when they were pulled over...

Costa Blanca cocaine dealer caught telling lock-down lies

GUARDIA CIVIL stopped a drug deal in its tracks this week when three occupants of a car failed to explain themselves.

Police arrest a man in Spain’s Basque Country for breaking the lockdown rules in order to go buy drugs

THE police have detained a man in the Basque Country for breaking the lockdown rules in order to go buy drugs.

Police in Spain’s Navarra made a denuncia against an 80-year-old woman for breaking lockdown, possession of drugs and flashing...

AN 80-year-old woman in Navarra has been denounced by the police for breaking lockdown, possession of drugs and flashing the officers.

FINNISHED: Expat confesses to operating drug trafficking ring from Spain’s Marbella in shock u-turn for Finland’s biggest ever narcotics...

A MARBELLA-based Finnish expat has confessed to a string of drug-related charges in his home country.  Niko Ranta-aho took the surprising step to plead guilty...

AMAZING VIDEO: Massive Mexican drugs haul found in Spain’s Alicante, buried in 25 ton marble blocks

A RECORD-BREAKING haul of hidden narcotics was recovered by Spanish authorities this week, buried within massive blocks of marble.

Gibraltar signs information sharing deal to fight tobacco smuggling

SMUGGLERS will find it harder than ever to bring tobacco into Spain after the authorities teamed up with wholesalers. 

Woman arrested trying to fly from Malaga airport with 13 kilos of marijuana

The agents found the marijuana inside 24 vacuum-packed plastic wrappers with a total weight of 13.5 kilograms

Swedish expat returns to Spain’s Costa Blanca to find house turned into DRUGS DEN guarded by armed trafficker

A SWEDISH expat had the shock of his life when he returned home to find it occupied by an armed drug trafficker.

British sailor discovers £250,000 worth of Marijuana in the sea off Spain’s south coast

Sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar there are ‘always refugee boats, things like that'