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What does Boris Johnson’s resignation mean for expats in Spain?

WITH Boris Johnson finally admitting defeat and resigning as leader of the Conservative Party following the highest number of government resignations in a single...

OPINION: Give expats full voting rights in Spain

THE Right to vote is considered one of the most fundamental rights in a democracy. A mere century ago women were throwing themselves under horses...

Expat in Spain or immigrant: Is there a difference?

The term ‘expat’ is loaded. It’s time we moved on, argues Carrie Frais.

OPINION: It’s time Spain took responsibility once and for all to protect homeowners instead of penalise them

The horror and heartbreak of seeing one’s home smashed into smithereens isn’t a fate reserved solely for those living under threat of Russian bombs...

House hunting in rural Spain: ‘We bought a museum’

When Auriel Roe started looking for rural property in the cooler climes of northern Spain, she didn’t imagine ending up with a portal into the past

MEET THE TEAM: From professional poker player to Olive Press webmaster, this is Kate Langshaw

OLIVE PRESS webmaster Kate Langshaw is thankfully used to the late nights of the media from her poker tournament days in Las Vegas. Most of...

Olive Press Opinion: When it comes to Russian oligarchs, Spain must do its homework

Dripping in as much gold as the besieged city of Mariupol is dripping in blood, this gross symbol of Russia’s ruling elite needs to be tackled urgently by the powers that be

Slava Ukraini: Let’s stage a covert mission to take La Zagaletta back from the Russians

A Marbella journalist’s life is normally deciding which restaurant, club or new development lauch I should grace with my presence. The nearest I ever...

Meet the American in Malaga helping women move to Spain to live their best life, whatever their age

If you've always wondered what it's like to live abroad, then what are you waiting for? In Cepee Tabibian's opinion there is no...

OPINION: How Ukraine resistance in face of Russian invasion recalls famous Spanish Civil War cry of ‘No pasaran!’ 

WATCHING Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsey shot at and wounded along with one of his team, while clearly working for the press in...

OPINION: How Spain is outpacing the UK when it comes to women in politics

To mark International Women's Day campaigner Sue Wilson, MBE, explores how UK is falling behind Spain when it comes to political representation.

Life in Spain and in the press leaves no regrets for Olive Press News Editor Dilip Kuner

OLIVE Press News Editor Dilip Kuner knew he’d ‘made it in journalism’ when he saw the flashing blue lights while trying to stand up...

Unfair expectations: Why my 2022 goal is to be gentler to myself

Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Holly Willoughby, Adele, Kate Moss, Billie Eilish, Gigi Hadid- the roll-call of famous and beautiful women could go on...

OPINION: Isn’t it time Spain had a Royal visit from Her Majesty?

AS Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the Platinum Jubilee becoming the first monarch ever to mark 70 years on the throne, isn’t it about time...

OPINION: Why is Spain still failing when it comes to transparency?

THE Olive Press has recently reported on how dismal many of Spain’s town halls are when it comes to transparency. And now comes the confirmation...

A Wasted Decade: How political corruption robbed Spain of success with renewable energies

Martin Tye of Mariposa Energia explores what's gone wrong with renewable energies in Spain.

The Christmas clear out – How Olive Press columnist Giles Brown spent the festive season

I HAVE always been keen on maintaining my Christmas traditions. Once again, I spent most of the Christmas and New Year period at the...

Slurry bad news: Across Spain, dubious industrial and agricultural methods have continued to pollute this beautiful nation

A LEGION of politicians piled fury on Alberto Garzon’s comments about the quality of Spanish meat because he criticised their two most important loves:...

REVIEW: One year since Brexit… still not ‘done’

Bremain in Spain campaigner Sue Wilson takes a look back at the first year since Brits were stripped of their EU citizenship and asks ‘Have you been mis-sold Brexit?’

Year of decision beckons for Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez

Is Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez enjoying a New Year's Day glass of cava as he mulls calling an early General Election in 2022? The leader...

Don’t look back: A year of ‘thank heavens we live in Spain and not the UK’

Jo Chipchase, a Brit living in Spain, looks back on 2021, a year marked by the continued pandemic and the fallout from Brexit.

Covid cancelled Christmas: One reader’s experience of a rather different celebration in Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands

Faced with spending Christmas alone in a cold flat in Madrid after Covid scuppered a return to see family in Scotland, Sarah Crozier made the last minute decision to book a trip to Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands.

Despite the bright lights of Malaga, searching for that ‘Christmassy feeling’ in Spain seems harder than ever this year

IT’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The tell tale signs are all here- cosy coats, the kitsch jumpers, lots of lights, bows,...

Olive Press writer, Alex Trelinski, says 2026 Gay Games coming to Valencia is a deserved acknowledgement of life in...

CONGRATULATIONS to Valencia for becoming the hosts of the 2026 Gay Games, which were first staged in San Francisco back in 1982. They were created...

Adventures in Brexitland: How a bid for Spanish nationality turned in a Kafka-esque nightmare

A bid for Spanish nationality leads to a Kafka-esque scenario involving inaccessible authorities and missing documents of an undefined nature, write Heather Galloway.




Spain foreign minister says he is ‘very close’ to EU treaty on Gibraltar after meeting UK counterpart David Cameron...

SPAIN’S Foreign Minister said he was ‘very close’ to be able to sign a deal on Gibraltar’s post-Brexit future after meeting his UK counterpart...


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