CHRISTMAS and New Year should be a happy time of the year, but instead it’s the most dreaded time of the year for the Fitzpatrick family.

Each time the clock strikes midnight to ring in a new year, it’s a cruel reminder that it has been another 12 months without answers – it’s been 15 years in total.  

But have the answers been hiding beneath our noses this whole time?

An anonymous letter sent to Amy’s auntie in 2014 alleged that her remains were buried at a stable at a former racetrack in Mijas Costa, just 10 minutes from where Amy lived. 

Amy’s auntie is confident that this area is yet to be searched. Why?

Surely Spanish authorities can collaborate with Irish police to dig up a patch of earth and ease the suffering of this poor family.

Even if the search comes up short, isn’t it better to leave no stone unturned?

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