2 Dec, 2023 @ 14:30
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OPINION: Tales of one-track scam artist Chris O’Hare’s cons are as old as the Costa del Sol itself

THE only thing surprising about the epic tale of Chris O’Hare’s constant scamming is that he got away with it for so long.

What we have written in our story on his escapades is only scratching the surface. The more we dug, the more dirt we found – endlessly.

Because the tale of O’Hare is as old as the Costa del So itself. A scam artist lies in wait for expats coming here with money to invest.

He ‘cycles through a shopping basket of scams’ that he matches to each victim, we are told. He even took a high-powered mutual investment fund for millions.

He was tried and convicted for the crime and is currently serving a jail term for it. But when he inevitably gets out of jail once again, it seems to us unlikely he will be a reformed character.

Then it is important that everyone who has been scammed by him comes forward, because fresh prosecutions will be in order.

He has genuinely destroyed lives, ruined livelihoods and ended businesses. People lost all their savings to him. Money that had taken years to save up.

The Olive Press has worked and campaigned tirelessly to shine a light on these professional scumbags.

We have exhorted our readers to do the sort of due diligence that would weed these people out many times before – and we do it again today. 

Before going into business with someone you encounter on the coast, check their references, speak with their lawyers, speak to their satisfied customers.

Because once you’re the victim of fraud here, the chances of getting your money back – or even justice – is vanishingly small.


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