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THE recent shocking death of a British expat who became riddled with sepsis after taking Nolotil should ring alarm bells in Spain.

How many more people need to die before the lethal painkiller is slapped with stringent regulations? 

It’s been seven years since the Olive Press launched its Kill the Drug campaign to bring attention to the many Brits and others who have been brought to the brink of death from the drug – but it seems countless health authorities have failed to get the memo. 

The Olive Press originally launched their campaign in 2017.

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Meanwhile, medical campaigner Cristina del Campo had to fight tooth and nail to force Spain to bring in new Nolotil guidance back in 2018. 

This hard-fought victory meant that practitioners across the country were – supposedly – told to not prescribe the drug to northern Europeans. 

Despite this, countless Brits and other visitors who could be at risk due to their genetic profile continue to be administered the pain relief. 

There have been dozens of deaths and near-deaths linked to Nolotil in recent years, and those are just the ones we know about. 

It’s high time the Spanish government woke up to this scandal before more innocent lives are taken and more families are torn apart. 

We send our sincerest condolences to the family of Mark Brooks, who leaves behind a fiancee and a four-year-old daughter. 

We have now relaunched our campaign to once again highlight the many people who are still being affected by Nolotil – and to call on health providers to pledge to follow the 2018 guidance. 

Meanwhile, Cristina is taking up new legal action against the Spanish government, accusing them of medical negligence. 

Are YOU a health provider in Spain? Do you have the nerve to join our pledge and put your British patients and customers at ease? Or are you a Brit who has been affected by Nolotil? If the answer the any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then contact the Olive Press at tips@theolivepress.es.


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