Monday, April 6, 2020

Whether a resident or second home owner, here are some things you may wish to consider while Spain’s COVID-19...

The property market has almost immediately stagnated and is likely to experience significant upheaval

MUST READ: The key Spanish words and phrases you need to know to keep out of trouble during Spain’s...

A survival guide to talking your way out of trouble during the pandemic

How Spain’s coronavirus is both a geek heaven and a harsh reality writes Giles Brown

And thus it came to pass that the Geek did, indeed, inherit the Earth

OPINION: The few people who disobey coronavirus lockdown threaten us all

It’s not right to take liberties with other peoples’ lives, fumes Mijas Councillor Bill Anderson

Column: Javea Connect admin Loraine Gostling’s spirits are raised by the nightly aplausos and pranksters making covid-19 that little...

FOLKS, there will be no bets taken on what I am pondering on this week.   Life is surreal. I...

After deadly floods and VAT crackdowns from the government, the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre goes back into state...

SO MUCH has been thrown at us in the last year, from the devastating floods in September to the VAT crackdown from...

Marbella lawyer Antonio Flores on some key procedural matters affected by Spain’s coronavirus State of Alarm decree

The measures brought in by the government will impact numerous contracts, court cases, tax applications, administrative matters, residency applications, etc.

Long before Antonio Banderas, another hot Spanish actor was the toast of Hollywood and he came from the Campo...

CALLE Actor Antonio Moreno at the back of Mercadona is not the most beautiful street in Los Barrios

Mallorca’s stellar reputation for real estate will help it weather Spain’s coronavirus storm, writes agent Amanda Butler

The supermarket shelves are being replenished, most are not hoarding and the 10 private and public hospitals are reportedly well prepared

Spain’s Coronavirus outbreak has Giles Brown humming along to a noughties boy band from inside his loo roll lair

Living in splendid isolation in a cottage by the lake, with the nearest neighbour about half a mile away, a generator for power and a large water deposit tank, I was all prepared for the breakdown of society

Google Local Reviews in Spain and why you shouldn’t trust them

THE Irish have a saying that goes, ‘if you can’t say anything, say nothing’

As well as expertise in eye care, what other support does Specsavers Opticas provide to the visually impaired in...

IN March Specsavers Opticas announced the launch of its national fundraising campaign in aid of ONCE Foundation for Guide Dogs

Specsavers Opticas in Spain launches national fundraising campaign in aid of ONCE Foundation for Guide Dogs

Vision loss can be incredibly isolating, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression

Lawbird’s Antonio Flores reveals the ‘must-knows’ for S.L. company owners in Spain

SETTING up a Spanish Limited Company is a relatively straightforward process

Javea Connect admin Loraine Gostling reveals her moonlighting as a pantomime actress as Adrian: A Fairytale of Happing Endings...

This week, I am removing my Javea Connect hat and becoming a little more fruity with you all! When...

As miracle pig Rupert falls ill with cystitis, a vet brings an importance message to pot-bellied pig owners in...

RUPERT the miracle pig, who made frontpage of the Olive Press last August, fell ill with cystitis, and by pure chance his...

Just as Mallorca’s property market was picking up after Brexit, coronavirus came along, writes real estate expert Amanda Butler

So far the Balearics are low risk, with only six known people diagnosed with the virus, but no deaths, thank heavens!

Fake news, cocaine and 70s rock – the Costa del Sol really has gone coronavirus crazy, writes Giles Brown

The fact that coronavirus had finally reached Marbella was worthy of a report on my news blog

Property prices in the Balearic Islands maintain their steady surge, while sales are down across Spain, writes Amanda Butler

This decline in sales in the Balearic property market is being attributed to there being fewer resale homes on the market, as well as high pricing

Spanish property expert Adam Neale explains why the first offer is always the best offer

As sellers on the Costa del Sol know only too well, selling takes time, not because the market is rubbish but because this is typical of a holiday home market

DEAR JENNIFER: What does Recommended Garages mean to me?

Further to my previous article last month, of why Jennifer Cunningham Insurances is special, I felt it was important to provide some...

Javea Connect admin Loraine Gostling tries to keep her mind off the weather… but can’t find anything positive about...

Weather has been awful, eh? Yes I know an understatement  – so I have decided to leave that subject to those braver...

Sexually-transmitted diseases skyrocket among over-50s as medical columnist Jeremy Kenton says ’60 is the new 20′

With an increase in the divorce rate in the over-50s, sexual promiscuity is on the increase.  On par with...

As Spain shut down for the festive period, the Hacienda still had a last-minute gift for Giles Brown

The noble men and women of Hacienda and Social Security who, in a pincer movement of ruthless efficiency and deadly timing that would have made the Duke of Wellington proud, ransacked my bank

PAWS FOR THOUGHT: Olive Press columnist Eddie the hotel hound passes away

Thanks for everything Ed – for your adopted family you were one mighty special pooch