Thursday, June 30, 2022

Campbell Ferguson: Survey Spain

Building confidence in Spain

DESPITE the recovery of the market, there are still some huge differences between what was loaned in the good times and the market value of...

What does article 50 mean for Brits in Spain?

We’ve been through the ‘phoney war’ period of sabre rattling, but now there has been the irrevocable declaration that we are leaving

New rules on unbuilt properties restore faith in Spain’s legal system

For those who have paid deposits into developers’ bank accounts for homes never built, they should be refunded by the bank even if the developer is no longer trading

Selling your house: The importance of the home report pack

The sensible used property seller can compete in the market by having a Home Report prepared that gathers all the information on their property together and offers it as one pack to buyers

Floods and how to plan for them

I know, ‘stable doors’ and ‘horses’ come to mind ...

Hard facts: The lack of systems and rules in Spain’s property game is ridiculous

In most other northern European countries, all sellers of properties have to provide factually correct information packs

Not insuring your property correctly could cost you more than €30,000

To obtain the insurance involves supervision of the foundations and structure by an independent third-party specialist as they are built, and 10-year insurance against failure thereafter

How financially strong is your town hall?

Why sussing out your local authority is fundamental before buying

British expats have been hit hardest thanks to post-Brexit pound devaluation

The lies of Brexit that caused it to win have hit expats quicker and harder than most British Citizens

Taxing times in Spain

How Spain’s tax system is undermining the property market and its would-be buyers

Nine questions to ask when buying a home in Spain

A look at what to ask when buying a home in Spain

Legal, regular or outlawed? How to tell if your property is legitimate

At last the Junta has passed legislation to bring an end to some of the nightmares

Property valuation: a science or an art?

Price, value, worth and why they are three different things

Property bargain or snare in Spain?

Making valuations and the benefits of buying property from banks

Has the market lost the plot?

Campbell Ferguson asks why people buy plots to build houses on

Triple threat for supply and demand in Spain’s property market

Brexit isn’t the only thing causing concern for those looking for property in Spain

Rising damp is an increasing problem in Spanish properties

It’s the last problem new buyers expect to find in sunny Spain and as ‘Mr Rigsby’ (or anyone living in a temperate climate will tell you) there’s such a simple solution





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