Thursday, October 1, 2020

Giles Brown realised he wasn’t the only one heading for the beach post-lockdown as Spain’s Costa del Sol gets...

HOW were things for you in the first weeks of the ‘new normal’? As I mentioned before, I was...

As confinement comes to an end, I’ll miss the jokers in Spain’s COVID-19 comedy of errors, writes Giles Brown

BY the time you read this, Spain will have bravely stepped into the ‘New Normal’. To be honest, I have had enough...

George Floyd’s death should make us rethink how we treat each other, writes Giles Brown

I DIDN’T watch the video. I didn't need to. The image of George Floyd being 'restrained' was enough. Social...

Glitz, glamour and a seething Ronnie Corbett – Giles Brown chronicles his misspent youth as Marbella’s Puerto Banus turns...

YOU can easily dismiss ‘The Port’ as full of the wannabes, the It girls, and the has-beens as well as the brash,...

COVID-19: The wrong camera angle on your Zoom call could leave you looking like Jabba the Hutt and don’t...

THERE seem to be several ways of dealing with the current coronavirus crisis. One option – sadly is no...

The Costa del Sol’s car-free roads are giving Giles Brown travel nightmares during Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

BEING what is deemed an ‘essential worker’ – which as a freelance journalist and broadcaster is a first – I am lucky...

Giles Brown has had enough of the virtual breathing workshops and online psychobabble of Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

What could be more inspiring than the sight of a 50-something male in a hooded dressing gown muttering obscure rock lyrics to himself

How Spain’s coronavirus is both a geek heaven and a harsh reality writes Giles Brown

And thus it came to pass that the Geek did, indeed, inherit the Earth

Spain’s Coronavirus outbreak has Giles Brown humming along to a noughties boy band from inside his loo roll lair

Living in splendid isolation in a cottage by the lake, with the nearest neighbour about half a mile away, a generator for power and a large water deposit tank, I was all prepared for the breakdown of society

Fake news, cocaine and 70s rock – the Costa del Sol really has gone coronavirus crazy, writes Giles Brown

The fact that coronavirus had finally reached Marbella was worthy of a report on my news blog

As Spain shut down for the festive period, the Hacienda still had a last-minute gift for Giles Brown

The noble men and women of Hacienda and Social Security who, in a pincer movement of ruthless efficiency and deadly timing that would have made the Duke of Wellington proud, ransacked my bank

The Tories’ victory has Remainer in Spain Giles Brown battling trolls and stockpiling for the Brexit apocalypse

Spanish citizenship might be tricky and I’m loathe to get a green card by an arranged marriage in Lepe

After two more gangland killings, Giles Brown calls for end to violence in Marbella and on Spain’s Costa del...

Marbella needs to take a long, hard look at the problem before it spirals any further out of control

A trip to the hospital in Spain has turned Giles Brown into a bookworm with six pack abs and...

Spraining an ankle is not a training programme that I would recommend, but there is an upside!

After J-Lo banned the media from a gig in Spain last month, Marbella veteran Giles Brown explores the changing...

All the modern celebrity has to do is appear in a reality TV show to ensure his or her 15 minutes of fame

It’s the essentials you really miss when Spain closes for August, writes Giles Brown

When you have the sort of luck with cars that I have, that makes this month more than a little nervy

LOOK OF LUX: Giles Brown is an expert at picking out a face in a crowd, even in Spain’s...

“Basically, one of the things that attracts mosquitoes is if you are sexually active,” she said, looking straight at me

Giles Brown is more Christopher Biggins than Christopher Reeve as he learns to fly in southern Spain

While I didn’t soar like Superman, I didn’t bounce off the bottom of the wind tunnel in a crumpled heap

OPEN SEASON: Giles Brown puts up many a guest at his place, but draws the line at garden yurts

As one American guest, who didn’t stay long, famously remarked, ‘You see kids? This is what happens when a man lives alone’

I have never felt more proud of my Burlesque-dancing goddaughter, writes Giles Brown

As part of her Burlesque act, Ziggy uses a chair, but we discovered to our horror that none of the chairs at the venue would suffice

Summer on the Costa del Sol may have to be spent indoors to avoid beach hut blazes and killer...

If you do own a beach club in Marbella, you are probably in the mood for celebrating that it is still standing

Giles Brown thought he had left his brushes with the law back in the 1980s

One of the good things about being over a certain age, however, is that you don't tend to attract police attention

An idyllic cottage by the lake in Andalucia gave Giles Brown a bit more than he bargained for

'Lock your doors and windows', advised the Guardia Civil, 'there are desperate Italians on the loose'

Loud and Clear: The Costa del Sol Boar Wars have begun says Giles Brown

British expat Giles Brown is gearing up for the boar wars