THE busy start to the summer, as tourists arrive in significant numbers, has already shown some worrying signs.

The first of these has been online videos of idiots sitting on the sunroofs of their cars as they speed along the main road, most notoriously a bikini clad bimbo who seems to think she is in a rap video.

No doubt after a sunset session at a nearby beach club, and perhaps fuelled by sugary drinks or some other substance, the young lady is perched atop the Porsche and captured on two separate videos as it speeds towards Guadalmina, at one point negotiating a roundabout.

Marbella Snip
Marbella roads are becoming infamous.
Photo: Wikipedia.

A young Russian mother lost her life a few years ago when she tried the same trick in the Caribbean, leaning out of the passenger window while gyrating seductively for the camera. Her head hit a lamppost and she died of her injuries. Porsche bimbo can count herself lucky that she did not slip.

That is when traffic is moving, however. The main coast road seems to be cracking under the sheer volume of traffic. There are frequent long tailbacks at the busiest times of day, plus the added factors of cyclists on the road – yes I know it is legal, but it must be somewhat disconcerting to be on two wheels when a massive container truck or Porsche with a bimbo on top comes thundering up behind you at speed. Especially when you have only just learnt to ride with the stabilisers off.

This is not just a gripe about traffic, by the way. One of the main reasons that people move to Marbella is the relaxed pace of life and the fact that it is easy to get around. If you are stuck in traffic every day, then the town may start to lose some of its appeal, especially for those wanting to ‘get away from it all’.

One Real Estate broker mentioned that several clients had told her that Marbella was ‘busier than they had expected’ – and not in a good way.

Marbella might think of itself as Europe’s answer to Miami, but unless the City Council and Central Government have a serious conversation about the traffic situation, the only resemblance to Miami will be the gridlocked traffic!

I narrowly avoided being involved in an accident last weekend. Running through Malaga centre in full black tie in the blazing sun, I was almost knocked over by a hipster on a scooter. I was reaching, Bond-like, for the concealed PPK when he shouted ‘Cuidao, pinguino!’.(Careful penguin).

At least he had a sense of humour.


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