Friday, February 26, 2021

COVID-19: The wheels of industry must start turning – goodbye China!

AND so it was that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the catastrophic de-industrialisation of the West. A combination of greed,...

Gibraltar and Campo politicians should unite to deal with Morocco’s economic powerhouse

Ports around Bay of Gibraltar should be improving our joint products

EU chief Donald Tusk has blown it with Brexit discrimination against Gibraltar

Spanish diplomacy hands Fabian Picardo the keys to 10 Downing Street

Why should Gibraltarians have to repeatedly remind others that they are British?

WHENEVER things get difficult, Gibraltarians have to remind all who care to listen that we are British. Only recently our current Chief Minister, Mr Picardo...

Donner Und Blitzen!

Six months on since the Brexit referendum and Charles Gomez looks at the psychological impact of the decision of a generation

Careful what EU wish for: Europe is going through a paradigm shift

The shift away from internationalism is happening at great speed

The knock-on effects of the Brexit vote in Gibraltar

Millennials and those born at the end of Generation X (i.e. 1980's - 2000) can consult their history books and older people with bad memories can do so too

So what of European ‘citizenship’?

Can the individual rights of 64 million UK citizens be made to disappear?

Is the EU really in a position to face down the UK?

The likes of Germany and Spain rely on UK investment

Can Parliament stop Brexit?

How MP’s could side-step the referendum result

Why is Greenland relevant to Brexit?

What we can learn from Greenland’s set up


Half-wit hunters arrested for hanging hunting dog from tree in Spain’s Malaga (WARNING – contains distressing images)

TWO hunters have been arrested for crimes of cruelty to animals after they were busted hanging one of their hunting dogs from...