IT is always satisfying for journalists when they feel that they actually do make a difference.

And one story on the Olive Press online gave us all a festive feelgood factor.

A home has been found for the beloved dogs of a British expatriate living in Granada after he was rushed into hospital and forced to quickly find a home for his furry friends – just days after we reported the case

The man’s friend Trudy McCaffery had told us the Velez de Benaudalla resident was likely to be in hospital for ‘a while’.

HOME FOUND: Heading for the UK

The Olive Press then published an article online detailing the dramatic attempt to find the dogs a home by the end of January or the two elderly Springer Spaniels faced an uncertain future.

Soon after, a Good Samaritan in the UK had come forward to help out.

McCaffery said: “I’ve managed to rehome them back to the UK by car – I don’t think they’d survive a flight and all the associated things that happen with that,” she said.

“So all being well they will be going home by the end of the month, and then we’ll try and sort everything else from there.”

So a big Olive Press THANK YOU to our reader – both for giving the dogs a home and giving us all a little good cheer to start the year with!

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