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PAW ME A COFFEE: New cafe in Spain lets you adopt a dog while eating brunch

The Doger cafe in Madrid, the only one of its kind in Spain, has been a hit amongst animal lovers, with 12 dogs adopted to date

A New Wife in the Sun: Episode 16 – Absolutely Fagulous

'Mum, why won't my Xbox work'?  Bellows a familiar voice from behind his bedroom door.'We don't have any...

Europe’s first fire ants that make cats and dogs go blind found in Marbella and could take TWO YEARS...

The finding of the invasive creature, published in the journal Iberomyrmex, is thought to have been in part due to increased temperatures on the Costa del Sol

WATCH: 300 dogs chained to walls living in their own faeces and urine in Spain’s Andalucia is the shocking footage of some of up to 300 dogs found chained to walls and living in their own faeces and urine. The...

British filmmaker pleas for expats’ help in documentary on abandoned dogs in Spain’s Andalucia

A BRITISH filmmaker is creating a documentary about abandoned dogs in Andalucia and he needs your help.Londoner Paul Murphy was compelled to make the...

Potential animal mass grave unearthed in southern Spain after dogs found tortured and dumped in reservoir

DEVASTATED dog owners have found four of their pets mutilated in a stagnant water reservoir. The heartbreaking discovery came after the dogs went missing over...

Thousands of dogs and cats at risk of death as Marbella town hall proposes outsourcing holding of stray animals...

THOUSANDS of dogs and cats are at risk of death in Marbella after the town hall has proposed outsourcing the holding of stray animals...

Manhunt after 20 dogs tied to train tracks in Andalucia and run over by trains (WARNING: Distressing images)

AT least 20 dogs have been found mutilated and killed after being tied to train tracks in Sevilla.They were found in several towns by...

Dog rescue centre in Spain in peril after British expat owner dies suddenly from brain aneurysm

DOZENS of dogs are in danger after their British expat owner died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Hope for Podenos, in Albacete, urgently needs €120,000...

First EVER trial for custody of DOG in Spain begins for divorced Andalucia couple

THE first ever trial in Spain for custody of a dog has begun today.It comes after Spain changed its civil code to no longer...

Spain to declare pets as ‘beings’ and not ‘objects’ in landmark ruling

THE Partido Popular will submit a change to the country's civil code today to declare pets as 'beings' rather then 'objects'. The change will protect...

What a year 2017 has been full to the brim of ups and downs

On this day last year, all of my worldly possessions were floating under a metre and a half of water in my mother's basement when the floods hit the coast and I penned my first column for the Olive Press.

Marbella pet poisoner suspect released after police found he was not carrying poison

A PENSIONER detained by police in relation to the dog poisoning case was released today after they discovered he was not carrying poison.Town hall...

SAVAGED: 82-year-old woman loses BOTH LEGS and SCALP in vicious attack by local’s bulldogs in Spain, chances of survival...

AN 82-year-old woman is fighting for her life after being viciously attacked by two dogs as she walked home from church in Spain. The emergency...

Elderly couple’s dead bodies eaten by pet dogs in Mallorca

Man and woman in their 70s had been dead for weeks

Family to cycle 2000KM for dog charity

The group will complete the trip in just 15 days

Children helped by therapy dogs

A PAIR of dogs are helping Axarquia children to overcome difficulties in learning and emotional development.Alicia Martín Cruz, who has a Masters in...

Practice of cutting off dogs’ tails finally banned across Spain

The amputation of ears, claws, teeth or vocal chords is also banned

British expat’s horror to find animal massacre in new Spanish home

EXCLUSIVE: Mother-of-three Kerry Matthews was appalled to discover at least 13 dead animals, some with their throats slit, on taking possession of a new rental home, in Antas, Almeria

Charges revealed for members of Triple A animal shelter

UPDATE: Charges include trafficking, cruelty and fraud

AWOL Dutch estate agent wanted for a hit and run and stealing a million euros tracked down to the...

EXCLUSIVE: Olive Press tracks down rogue estate agent wanted for a string of crimes in Holland

Smoking bad for your pet’s health too

Do it for the dog

Will anyone do something about this doggy mess?

Los disgusting Perros & the Happy Yapping Club

Malaga scientists determine how dogs became man’s best friend

Man's best friend was turned from predator to pooch thanks to climate change

For the love of dogs

Become a member, join in the fun or donate

Nerja offers dog therapy programme from the elderly

A new program for the elderly follows research on benefits of canine companionship