A MAN has been arrested in Mallorca for animal cruelty charges after he was recorded offering live baby goats to his two dogs for them to rip to shreds and kill. The videos were later published on social media sites. 

According to the Civil Guard the detention of the Spanish national happened in Sa Pobla, after an investigation by the Seprona nature protection service. The dogs have been taken into the care of the authorities as a precautionary measure. 

The Civil Guard began its investigation after becoming aware of the recordings circulating on social media. 

Man arrested over goat deaths
The Civil Guard with one of the man’s dogs. Civil Guard

In one of them, a person is seen holding a baby goat, offering it to the dogs, who then proceed to kill it. In another, the dogs are seen attacking another one of the animals. 

Spain adopted a new animal welfare law in March of this year, increasing the punishment for cases of mistreatment. 

Abuse can now cost offenders up to 18 months in prison, which can be increased to two years if the animal dies or three if there are aggravating circumstances. The previous maximum penalty was 18 months.

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