Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Pervy landlord in Spain’s Andalucia cuffed for using spy pen to capture nude images of female tenant

Policia Nacional arrested the suspect after finding a six-minute video with nude images of his female tenant stored on his computer

Convicted Northern Ireland paedophile arrested in Spain after breaking teaching ban

A former teacher who was convicted of sexually assaulting pupils at a Northern Ireland school has been arrested by the Policia Nacional...

Clumsy robbers leave trail of blood back to their own house after bungled robbery on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE had little difficulty catching a pair of clumsy burglars - they simply followed a trail of blood to catch the...

Supermarket sweep on Spain’s Costa Blanca as family robbing trio enjoy daily spree

A family gang that robbed supermarkets and large stores across the Costa Blanca has been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

Paedo caged after ‘sexually abusing girlfriend’s six-year-old granddaughter’ in Spain’s Valencia

A MAN has been arrested in Valencia for sexually abusing his girlfriend’s granddaughter.

Spain deploys more than 40,000 extra cops to tackle rowdy tourists and crime this summer

The goal is to ‘guarantee the protection of the summer season’ and ‘consolidate Spain as one of the safest destinations in the world.’

Drug gang that robbed other gangs on Costa del Sol dismantled by Spain’s Guardia Civil

A DRUGS gang that robbed other drug gangs on the Costa del Sol has been dismantled by the Guardia Civil.

Man gets brutally attacked on Spain’s Costa del Sol after being mistaken for his twin brother

A MAN has been brutally attacked on the Costa del Sol after he was confused for his twin brother.

WATCH: Multinational gang of drug-smuggling kidnappers arrested in Spain’s Alicante and Malaga

POLICE have smashed an international drugs ring and arrested 18 alleged smugglers in Alicante and Malaga. The gang of...

Money laundering raids carried out in Gibraltar after cross-border drugs op

SIX raids on residential addresses on the Rock were carried out this week by the money laundering investigation unit of the Royal Gibraltar Police.

Gang of British retirees on Spain’s Costa del Sol arrested for selling fake drugs meant to help with erectile...

A GANG of British and American retirees has been arrested on the Costa del Sol for trafficking fake drugs that were meant to help with erectile dysfunction.

Police launch manhunt after British woman raped in Spain

SPANISH police are hunting a man who allegedly raped a 21-year-old British woman. The victim reported she was attacked...

Man arrested in Spain’s Malaga for allegedly defrauding his elderly neighbour who he helped care for

A MAN has been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Malaga province for allegedly defrauding his elderly neighbour who he helped care for.

Six men going on trial in Spain’s Malaga for killing a man who supposedly stole their rooster used for...

SIX men will be going on trial tomorrow in Malaga province, for the murder of a man who had supposedly stolen their rooster.

Guardia Civil arrests man in Spain’s Andalucia for creating fake identity in order to threaten Mayor

THE Guardia Civil has been investigating a man in Andalucia for creating a fake identity in order to threaten the Mayor of his town.

British man and Spaniards carrying hash and cocaine arrested at Marbella police roadblocks as drug crime returns to Spain’s...

A BRITISH national and two Spaniards have been arrested in Marbella after being caught with hash and cocaine. The...

Police arrest four people in Spain’s Malaga over a homophobic attack that sent a man to hospital

FOUR people have been arrested in Malaga over a homophobic attack.

Notorious high-end Spanish criminal arrested on Costa del Sol

A WELL known high-end Spanish criminal has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.

Nearly 9,000 people arrested in Spain for gender violence crimes during state of alarm

NEARLY 9,000 people in Spain have been arrested for gender violence crimes during the state of alarm.

Son arrested over dad’s murder by ‘slitting his throat’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca and is caught standing over body...

POLICE have detained a 30-year-old schizophrenic man for allegedly killing his father by slitting his throat. The Spanish national,...

Former soldier arrested after shooting at pictures of politicians in Spain’s Malaga

A FORMER soldier, who now works as a taxi driver in Malaga has been arrested for shooting at pictures of politicians.

Multi-million euro tobacco smuggling ring busted in Spain’s Andalucia

The operation focused on the Cordoban capital and the town of Ecija in Sevilla after a tip-off

Spanish archaeologist sentenced to more than two years in prison for faking finds that would ‘rewrite history’

A SPANISH archaeologist has been sentenced for faking Basque finds that included supposed hieroglyphics.

Three arrested in Alicante for robbing car owners using the ‘Peruvian method’ – watch method here

GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested three men in Alicante who robbed unsuspecting car owners using the so-called Peruvian method. The...

Spain’s Guardia Civil arrest man in Malaga province responsible for forest fire

A MAN has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Malaga province for causing a forest fire.

Spain’s Guardia Civil dismantles international criminal organisation in Catalunya that trafficked over 1,000 people from Africa to Europe

THE Guardia Civil in collaboration with the Mossos have dismantled an international criminal organisation that trafficked over 1,000 people from Africa to Europe.