Monday, April 6, 2020
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Pensioner murders her husband and then takes her own life in Madrid after he allegedly abused her

A 66-YEAR-OLD woman has stabbed her 68-year-old husband to death and then taken her own life at their home in Madrid.

Bishop in Spain’s Basque Country fined €600 for driving with someone in the passenger seat

A BISHOP in the Basque Country has been fined for driving with someone in the passenger seat.

Three multiple car thieves caught red-handed and arrested in Murcia car park

OBSERVANT citizens of Murcia helped arrest three alleged car thieves as they witnessed them smashing into cars. CAUGHT...

While crime decreases, professor talks of Spain’s lock-down enhancing psychopathic tendencies and domestic criminality

DESPITE urban and rural crimes being fewer in number due to lock-down restrictions, domestic crime is the main concern for Murcia University’s,...

EXCLUSIVE: Former Scotland Yard detective, Peter Bleksley, talks to the Olive Press about his hunt for Kevin Parle in...

KEVIN Parle is very well known in Liverpool, as he is a suspect for two separate murders.

Number of gender violence convictions in Spain last year reach an all-time high

THE number of gender violence convictions in Spain has reached a record high in 2019.

BEWARE: New telephone scam that has claimed over 1,500 victims so far in Spain

FIGURES reveal terrifying telephone scam that has claimed over 1,500 victims in Spain. The scam, known as the ‘virtual...

Police arrest a gang of 42 people in Spain, Romania and Portugal for thefts worth more than €1 million

THE police have arrested a gang of 42 people across three different countries for jewellery theft.

Football coach in Spain’s Zaragoza sentenced to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing EIGHT children

A FOOTBALL coach in Spain has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for abusing eight children

DISGRACED doctor who was on the run for FOUR years for falsifying viagra prescriptions, finally caught in Spain’s Andalucia

A DOCTOR who went on the run for falsifying viagra prescriptions, has finally been caught four years later.

Man arrested for exposing himself to children in Spain’s Andalucia

A SICKO has been arrested in Andalucia for exhibitionism and another man for gender violence.

Pregnant Brit who fled UK and gave birth in Spain to avoid social services, found on Costa del Sol

A BRITISH woman who gave birth in Spain and went into hiding to evade UK social services, has been found.

Two face jail over Spanish golf resort that became a €54 million swindle

TWO MEN allegedly involved in defrauding hundreds of overseas buyers and investors are facing up to seven years behind bars.

WATCH: Police arrest 42 for stealing €16 million worth of rubbish in Madrid

POLICE have made 42 arrests for trafficking stolen waste in Madrid. The criminal group is suspected of stealing waste...

Hunter kills man after confusing him for a wild boar in Spain’s Andalucia

A HUNTER has accidentally shot and killed a man during a hunt in Almeria.

Malaga-based criminal network busted with 34 arrested in illegal immigration case

THE Policia National has detained 34 members of a criminal network allegedly involved in illegal immigration. Those arrested were...

German man arrested for sexual assault and violence in a Costa del Sol nightclub

The victim was taken to a healthcentre for her injuries

Irish terrorist captured on Spain’s Mallorca

two British agents posed as a Serbian businessman and his girlfriend on holiday

Pensioner accused of killing wife, 73, is locked up without bail in Spain’s Andalucia

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil said there were no previous reports of abuse between the couple

Crafty Costa Calida criminals arrested after run of holiday home robberies going back to 2018

TWO men responsible for a dozen robberies at empty holiday homes near Cartagena have been arrested. Guardia Civil officers...

Hunt for Russian fugitive in Spain, Alexander Chikovani, switches to his wife

A TRIO of European MEPs are demanding Spain help track down wanted Russian fugitive Alexander Chikovani and his wife.

Conman accused of stealing expat’s BMW claims his transport company left it in northern Spain due to ‘paperwork problems’

A CONVICTED British conman has been accused of striking again in a car transport scam running up and down the Costa Blanca.

WATCH: Police catch drug smugglers at gun-point in dramatic Costa Calida raid

GUARDIA Civil have dismantled at gun-point a drug smuggling gang in the Mar Menor region of Murcia.

WATCH: ‘Dangerous’ drugs smugglers with Costa Blanca links caught with tonne of cocaine and €550,000 in cash

TEN ‘dangerous criminals’ have busted an international drug smuggling operation involving the Policia Nacional, Europol, the DEA and Colombian Police.

Alicante link to ‘one of Europe’s biggest counterfeiting gangs’

EUROPOL and Policia Nacional have arrested 11 people involved in a huge fake money scam operating across Europe.

British expats forced to patrol own streets on Spain’s Costa Blanca after spate of violent muggings

EXPATS are being forced to patrol their own streets after a series of violent muggings The group of...