Sunday, 21 January, 2018


Passengers issue denuncia after El Vaporcito sinks in seven minutes after hitting Reina Victoria quay

Andalucian city crowned European City of Wine
Dead man found in car Algeciras

A man's body has been recovered from an underwater car in Algeciras' port

Father blames misleading outdated signposts

The book charts how a Danish couple created Vejer's most exciting restaurant, Patria

Rufino, a grey African loro who was brought into the country illegally 25 years ago, has won accolades for by his large repertoire of songs and enviable dance moves

Over 200 martial arts students took part in a giant karate dance in Cadiz province

UN votes to make Spain’s most important reserve three times larger as sewage battle hots up

The dispute has arisen over working times and conditions

A one billion euro rail scheme set for May 2012 will lead to millions more containers of freight passing through Andalucia

Storm causes city to become isolated as transport comes to a standstill

Panama hat? Check. Gladiator sandals? Check. Iona Napier is chukka-ed in at the deep end at Sotogrande’s world famous polo club

Whole body movement after an injury or illness is the key to long-term recovery

Simon Welsh owner of polo team Cancha 2, is accused of leaving Kidd and Genesis star Mike Rutherford with a string of unpaid debts

Leon’s Michelin-starred restaurant Aponiente was also recently rated as one of the ten best restaurants in the world by the New York Times

Helicopter company SAAR hopes to reconnect the African-based enclave with the Spanish mainland

As the Madrid government prepares to sell off one of Andalucia's most beautiful public estates to a developer intent on 'Elite Tourism', the Olive Press reports on Castellar de la Frontera's fight to keep their land

A horrific crash in England left Maria de Villota badly injured, losing her right eye.

Police have opened an investigation into the newborn babies who were lost in 1960s-70s across Spain

Firemen had to remove roof tiles to extricate expat from the only room that had not been totally flattened

Lisa Brown, originally from Scotland, has not been seen since Wednesday, November 4

Dine with an Artist exhibition held in Alcaidesa

Medina Sidonia – like its nearby neighbours of Benalup and Alcala de los Gazules - is full of history

Ten people have been charged for poaching sea anemones that they planned to illegally sell in Cadiz

Despite being a flip-flop down, Rob Horgan scoots along the many amazing beaches of the Costa de la Luz

Pensioner conned out of 890 euros by garage and car owner after minor accident




THE Duke of Cambridge’s children are set to be fluent in Spanish after just one week in school, thanks to a Spanish nanny. Princess Charlotte...
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