Monday, 23 October, 2017


The male electrician was in a work van with three other workers when a flash flood struck it in La Linea de la Concepcion late yesterday afternoon, trapping him inside

Guardia Civil officers had been tipped off about the arrival of large amounts of the drug from South America

the Andalucian Musical Documentation Association helps fight unequal representation in classical music.

Manuel Rodríguez de Castro, a high ranking ex Partido Popular official in José María Aznar’s government, has been incarcerated in a Madrid prison

Elizabeth Gould explores the hidden charms of Sotogrande’s shops

Three sailors have been detained in Cadiz

Sun-seekers and surfers aren’t the only ones who head to the Costa de la Luz every year

Heavy rain is affecting Malaga and Cadiz provinces, just weeks after heavy flooding in the region

Sixteen years after her first taste of Tarifa, Iona Napier returns to the windy capital of Europe for another taste of bohemian bliss

Anticipation for the new F1 season is mounting in Jerez as the star-studded drivers prepare for the first testing session of the year

He is expected to be extradited to Spain following the conclusion of the trial

The fire started in the shopping trolley area outside the store

Father blames misleading outdated signposts

EXCLUSIVE: He is the main suspect in the disappearance of Scottish Lisa, who has not been seen since November 2015

Musicians from the Soloists of London will play in the famous sherry bodega as guests enjoy tapas and wine

Tarifa mayor in huge storm after he slams foreigners and ecologists for backlash against his megaproject on virgin beach

There have been landslides and 'chaos' in Malaga city

From December 4-8 the gastronomic festival will see 30 of the town’s restaurants serving up innovative dishes

Extensive survey of whale and dolphin numbers to examine the impact of the fishing industry

Spain's coast in danger of more development after court decision

UN votes to make Spain’s most important reserve three times larger as sewage battle hots up

Enterprising Trevor Dine, 81, has just opened a casino in San Roque

The five guinea coin was made in 1702 from gold stolen from a treasure ship

The traffic arm of the Guardia Civil have intensified controls

The 30-year-old lost control of his bike and smashed into the central barrier

Rob Horgan takes a ride through the sunbleached 'fresh and natural' towns of the bright and breezy Costa de la Luz




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