THE couple whose illegal home featured in the Olive Press have had their fine almost doubled by the town hall.

Jackie and Peter Chilvers, who’s story made the Lawyers in the Dock front page (issue 55) have had their fine increased from 23,000 to 43,000 euros.

The couple, whose dream retirement home in Tolox only had a licence as a tool shed or ‘almacen’, approached the Olive Press to condemn their lawyers who they say assured them their home had a proper licence.

The increased amount was received just a week after their story appeared in the paper.

A late payment charge amounting to 15,000 euros was heaped on to their fine as well as a surcharge and costs.

They should have started paying their fine two months ago but are trying to fight the unfair punishment in the courts.

“We have been told this is the absolute maximum we can be charged by the town hall, so at least it will not increase any more,” said Jackie.

“But that’s not the point, we shouldn’t even be having to pay it in the first place.”

Regarding the huge number of comments below about lawyer Jose Luis Maseda, click on the following link to read the Olive Press’ exclusive investigation about him:

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  1. Louis lou

    I don’t know who you are? – a victim? probably not, otherwise you would not be giving your opinion so heartlessly, you obviously do not know anything about what people have been through or their circumstances. Unless, of course, you are a friend of Jose and you are going to say it was his bad business practice that put his victims where they are now.

    Your point No.1 – now that hit the nail on the head and YES he should be punished at the highest level through the Courts.

    You are going to get a lot of peoples’ backs up if you continue to express your defensive comments.

  2. hi search in hand …. look im not a victim of this man but i was a victim of a misuse of power of attorney with a different so called lawyer and after three years won my case in court but got a few grey hairs in the process . my point is ripping off on a power of attorney is one thing but investors who dont get profit is quite another . sorry if my opinion offends but that is how I see it and this is an o`pen comment forum so

  3. Dear Carol
    you have obviously failed to read my comment correctly , i at no point said its ok to steal as long as its not from a spaniard …. and having reread my comment just to ensure no typo had taken place , i will again state . A MISUSE OF A PODER IS A SERIOUS CRIME PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISIONMENT.

    I trust this clarifies my previous statement to your satisfaction.

  4. louielou,

    Please there is no need to shout.

    Your first mistake was to seemingly defend the actions of this crook (whether that was the intention or not that is how it was construde).

    Although some investers have lost money through him, thats the business market and the risk investers take.

    However most of the people this man stole from were not investers they were pensioners moving to a warmer climate and living of the proceeds from the sale of a house in the UK or another group often refered to as the 20,000$ millionaires who are people who sold their homes in the UK after getting the Council reduction on buying their council houses and also wanting a better life, buying a home and getting jobs in local bars. People taking early retirment and purchasing a small bar to make a living in the sun.

    There is a lot of pain louielou.

  5. Hi Karen ,
    Sorry for shouting , My comment was never intended to defend what is indefensible ,the abuse of a poder to steal is a matter very close to my heart having been a victim of this earlier in my life and I hope that he is made to return any funds he missapropriated without delay. All clients who lost money in this way have every right to be angry and distressed and my comment wasnt made to add to that.
    I was trying to highlight the difference between the cases of genuine fraud ,where purchasers and sellers have lost everything and the speculative investors and former business associates of this person who seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.
    Furthermore I would like to point out that thankfully I have no personal knowledge of this man .

  6. Hi Louie
    Thank you for the apology and I can understand your reasoning.

    You are very fortunate not to have known this person. As well as stealing all of my in-laws money (Carol above) he has the paperwork for land we bought (UK equivalent to the deeds), this cant be sold without the paperwork so although he didnt steal money directly from my partner and I we will have money to pay out in order to get replacements somehow.

    To everyone else in this thread – stay strong and fingers crossed.

    Karen x

  7. Doesn´t anyone know what the latest is?. i have read that he has been bailed but until when? I did not know about the last court hearing until afterwards and even though I was not in a position financially to join the association I was still heavily defrauded by Jose and I would like the opportunity to be present at the next hearing (assuming that victims are allowed to attend. Any help appreciated.

  8. I can tell everybody that KEITH BALL is set to appear in the main Malaga Court in November this year and you are all very welcome to come along. He is facing a 50k payback and the maximum sentence of 6 years in prison. Counting the days!!!

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