AFTER an arduous day out hunting and gathering, cavemen would pamper themselves with makeup new research in Spain has revealed.

Historically portrayed as moronic savages, it has been discovered that Neanderthals did indeed keep up their appearances.

For the exploration of two caveman sites in Murcia uncovered lumps of red and yellow pigments – believed to have been used as cosmetics some 50,000 years ago.

“The idea that came to our minds was that it was some kind of glitter or makeup like the shimmery stuff that people were wearing a few years ago,” explained João Zilhão, professor of palaeolithic archaeology.

Furthermore, scientists found pigment-stained and perforated marine shells, which are thought to have been used as necklaces.

The Olive Press previously revealed that an archaeological dig in inland Malaga uncovered fossils of cultivated wheat and barley dating back an incredible 7000 years – meaning Neolithic man may have liked his beer just as much as his modern-day counterparts.

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