A BRITISH expat has been arrested for publically assaulting his wife and attacking the police officers who came to her aid.

The man, who is in his forties, is reported to have been seen hitting and pushing his wife at the bus stop opposite Mijas Town Hall.

Police were called to the scene on Sunday afternoon by two witnesses but the un-named suspect reacted violently and began physically attacking the officers.

He also caused damage to their patrol car including breaking one of the windows.

The Guardia Civil came to the aid of the local police officers and arrested the man.

He now faces charges of domestic violence, assaulting officers and damaging public property.

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  1. The difference between “publicly” and “publically?”?

    The Columbia Guide to Standard English says there is no difference between the two words; they are just two different spellings, with “publicly” being the most common and accepted form.

  2. Why are the Brits so willing to turn to violence? Read about the thug from Real Ronda attacking innocent blokes outside the correos recently … what makes them behave like this? They must have such unhappy lives, and so little dignity!
    My plea to people like this – please stay at home and don’t bring your low-class antics here! You are NOT welcome.

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