By Wendy Williams

NO-ONE expects to be jilted on their wedding day.

But you would certainly never imagine being left at the altar by the priest.

Yet this is exactly what happened to expats Gary and Marie Mead, who spent months planning a lavish Spanish wedding only to find themselves locked out of the church on their big day.

The pair from Bristol, who own a villa in Murcia, had spoken to the middle-aged priest two weeks before the wedding.

But when the couple – who got married in Las Vegas last year and wanted a blessing ceremony – turned up at the Church there was no sign of the man who was meant to marry them, and there’s been no contact since.

“When we got to the church and realised it was shut I grew more and more concerned but in the end we had to laugh,” said Gary, 51.

“We knew the Spanish had a more laid-back attitude but didn’t think it was this extreme.”

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