A PIONEERING robot designed to help stroke victims recover more quickly has been developed by Spanish scientists.

Robotherapist 3D lets patients start exercising while still lying down, allowing them to practise arm movements more easily.

It is hoped the prototype, created by Instead Technologies – one of the only companies in the world developing such robots – will be trialled in Spanish hospitals soon.

The company, linked to Miguel Hernandez University of Elche in Alicante, already has a Robotherapist 2D which has sensors to determine the patient’s condition.

“The robot allows you to follow all of the steps involved in rehabilitation, firstly with passive movements of the upper limbs,” said an Instead Technologies spokesman.

“When you have reached a certain level of mobility, you continue with occupational therapy, performing everyday tasks such as eating and drinking, all by means of virtual reality.”

While the company is focusing on developing technology to help stroke victims, it is also working with associations linked to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.


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