By Eloise Horsfield

THE Junta de Andalucia has come under fire after promoting a cycling scheme but failing to reduce its own fleet of official cars.

The Andalucian Bike Plan aims to make 10% of the main roads in the region’s towns and cities accessible to bikes, and to increase cycling by 10% in the next five years.

A Junta spokesman said the scheme was intended to increase ‘sustainable travel’ and reduce the numbers of people using private cars.

But ABC newspaper slammed the Junta for ‘not practising what it preaches’ after it emerged it had done nothing to reduce the number of official cars from 263 to 103, despite announcing plans to do so five months ago.

In July the Junta said only its president Jose Antonio Grinan – plus ministers and other high-up government members – would be able to use the cars.

It added the 160 surplus would be used elsewhere, a move it claimed would save €3 million.

Sadly these extra cars still stand outside government buildings.

In retaliation, the Junta argued it has until December 31 to get rid of the excess vehicles – adding that efforts have been made in recent months to encourage Junta directors to share car trips and save costs.

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