THE Mayor of Mijas has denied accusing movie-maker Pedro Almodovar of being ‘a freak and a paedophile’.

Angel Nozal claims the comments – which appeared on his Facebook page – were written by a hacker.

The mayor was forced to make the denial after a screenshot of the page went viral.

The post appeared on a members-only PP page under a link to the film-maker’s criticism of the PP government at an award ceremony in Berlin.

It led to Almodovar’s brother Agustin, a producer, to defend him describing the actions of Nozal as ‘unfortunate for a public servant’.

Mijas PSOE party heavily criticised the mayor and demanded an explanation.

The mayor responded on Twitter, saying: “That is not my opinion and I did not publish that comment.”

His office claimed it was not the first time that someone had hacked into his account.

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