12 Mar, 2014 @ 12:12
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Coastal law to benefit chiringuitos and home owners


CHIRINGUITOS will be able to double in size under a new coastal law being considered by the government.

The draft legislation, designed to protect the coastline through sustainable activities, would allow some beach bars to take up double the surface area, and move closer together.

But critics have argued it does the exact opposite, issuing more building licenses and allowing all exisiting buildings to remain, regardless of their legal status.

Under the new law chiringuitos on natural beaches will have a maximum surface area of 70 square meters, and must be made of collapsible elements. The minimum distance between each bar will be 300 meters.

Bars on urban beaches can take up 300 square meters, double the 150 meters currently allowed, and provided their activities are dissimilar, only need to be a minimum 75 meters apart.

Tourism-focused public events can also be held at those beaches on urban chiringuitos, such as the broadcasting of sports events, provided they have a national or international impact.

The Coast Law also allows for homes on the shoreline that were previously declared illegal to be sold again.

Bans on structural reforms for those homes behind the shoreline have also been lifted, allowing owners to make the alterations they see fit as long as they get permits for the work.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Spain is one mixed up country. First of all the Ley de Costas was changed to make it illegal for any property to be within a certain distance from the beach. Because of that change in the law, many properties were demolished, including some historic and quite ancient properties, and of course zero compensation for the owners. Then they reversed that law. Oops, sorry. Next they said that most of the Chiringuitos must be closed down as they are not permitted on the beach. Then they reversed that decision and now they are expanding them! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a total cock-up of a country in action. They just cannot formulate proper laws.

  2. Keeping the chiringuitos is a wise and necessary decision. They are a large part of the reason people love the beaches in Spain. If they were eliminated many thousands of people would not spend summers in Spain. This is good news.

  3. The law gets formulated & looks lovely in the lawyers offices. The issue here is political parties.
    If PP brings in the laws PSOE and will change it before even the ink gets dried or shall i say before the cartridge from your new printer runs out.

  4. Any closer together – taking into account proliferating beds, abominable massage businesses and unchecked excessive expansion – and it won’t be possible to get to the beach or sea from the paseos. The way things are going the natural beaches will soon be urban beaches anyway

  5. “I suppose your right in a way, that’s why we love living here.”

    When you have no empathy for others and are just a self-obsessed person, I’m sure you are loving it Caccia. lol.

  6. It might come as a surprise to many but there are those who are’nt slobs and don’t enjoy getting sunburn when packed like sardines on a crappy beach, they prefer an active holiday.

    Also the material that makes up all the beaches I have seen on the Med coast are mainly like builders rubble – try the beaches of N W Spain superior in every way and with clean Atlantic water – simply no comparison.

  7. Fred,

    Love ya jokes, keep em’ coming.

    What do you think one should do, moan and groan all the time. Remember you are one of the lucky one’s with properties scattered all over Europe and then preach on the plight of the homeless.

    Leave off Fred, do me a favor, be honest for a change.

  8. Stuart if I wanted the Northern Spain type of weather I’d stay in the UK with our fabulous beaches
    Furthermore although I would generally agree with you, about the poor quality sand on the southern coast, our La Cala beach is not far short of ideal

  9. “Love ya jokes, keep em’ coming.”

    If only they were jokes lol.

    Oh dear, did you forget your earlier solipsistic outpouring on the other thread about your “millions” of pounds of investments? – pot calling the kettle black methinks lol. The best thing of all, Caccia, is that I didn’t stoop to your level, and you can’t ever come back on that, can ya? I own my properties, I’m not a leaseholder pretending to be a homeowner like you are.

    Tell you what, if you agree not to mention my posts by name ever again, then I won’t mention yours by name either. Then we can just post as normal without the tit-for-tat. Deal?

  10. Fred,

    I only contradict and point out points that other people say which is part of living in a free and a democratic society.

    My thoughts and replies have always been positive and point out how life is and if some of the thoughts don’t correspond happily with other’s tough luck. Are you suggesting that everyone should have the same thoughts such as yours and not have their own opinion.

    I don’t have Millions as you stated, I said the property I own at today’s value is worth about 1.5mln if sold, but they are not for sale so basically they are worthless that’s if you are talking of cash in the hand or at least only the value as to when purchased. (I can explain that to you if you cannot understand what I mean, but with sufficient matter between your ears you may comprehend)

    As for the naming of names on these posts I only respond to write-ups I don’t agree with which is part and parcel of these site’s such as to Stuart’s knowledge on U values and knowledge of Roman history and thousands of people that are quite happy living in Spain and if anyone disagree’s in my response it’s their prerogative to reply and make their point.

    By the way Frederick, only one property has a 999 year lease, (in a good upmarket block of six and as as good as a freehold value) the other is freehold and both returning a decent living income, plus of course various pensions which are ALL DECLARED..

    Simple really.

  11. Caccia, you have contradicted nothing and are getting very angry. Clearly there is something wrong with you. I thought you were enjoying life in Spain, but clearly you are not, and you are one angry individual with a lot of delusions of grandeur. Readers will note that Caccia declined my offer not to keep bashing each other – he/she just wants to continue trolling. Bye Caccia, this is my last communication with you.

  12. Is Simon Fred in disguise. And Caccia us billionaires have no interest in your poverty. You are some deluded person
    Love the chiringuitos, just don’t think there should or need be more, certainly on Costa Mijas.

  13. Simon,

    Love it here, that’s why I live here. My contradiction is to people that moan about the life in Spain, finding faults in Spain. The only fault I find in Spain is the so called demolition of illegal properties, it does also happen in the U.K as well ya know, but that period of illegal properties will eventually sort itself out and all the writings and moans posted on these sites will not alter the fact.

    This is where the British Government, the British Embassy in Madrid and the European Union should step in, not Joe blogg around the corner. That’s my point.

    As for the contradictions I only point out other views. Are you happy living here, that’s the main question. I am and if your not you know the ol’ saying “Sling ya hook”. Can’t be clearer than that. I’m not an angry person as you state but a happy person living in Spain, if not I would “Sling me hook” . Get it.

  14. Ah Caccia, I realise you didn’t see through the sardonicism. No-one should be that interested in your private wealth as this is paltry compared to some

  15. John Simpson.

    Your as bad as ol’ Fred.
    As you say my wealth is paltry and I have never compared it to any one else. You just don’t get it. I think you should read properly what I have said. It’s worthless because they are not for sale, only worth a few extra bob to my kids. Da.

  16. Fred,

    Many billionaires remain in their own country, check how many billionaires live in the U.K. How about starting with the Duke of Westminster, many more ya know.

    I suppose the Spanish owner of Zara does not also live in Spain.

  17. Fred,

    Most billionaires are patriots living in their own country and try to pay taxes as little as possible, which is legal within their taxation system. But and I say but, there are people that try and pay nothing at all. These are the scroungers and moaners that skip between countries trying to avoid paying taxes at all.

    These type of spongers enjoy the hospitality and all the
    trapping that the host country has on offer but moan and complain at thing’s that does not affect them personally.

    Heard nothing from you or anyone regarding the flood devastation’s back in the U.K. Thousands losing legal homes, household goods and properties which cannot now be sold, farmers and their livelihood which had been carried on from past generations. Who in their right mind would purchase their properties unless sold at giveaway prices like those in Spain.

    But nothing has been said of the British government cutting back on infrastructure’s which was part and parcel of this travesty, but complaint’s only of the Spanish government.

    I’m not condoning what the Spanish government has done or is doing but one must also remember that the properties were illegal in the first place.

    There are thousands of villas and flats that are legal and no need for a bulldozer to appear.

  18. Caccia, having houses in multiple countries is not a tax dodge. In my own case I love all the countries I live in and I pay all the taxes I am legally bound to, just in case your were inferring lol.

    Btw, floods are acts of God and illegal homes is something totally different. Bizarre comparisons you make Caccia. A sign of a weak argument. This is a Spanish blog, so bringing up UK issues is pure desperation.

  19. Fred,

    No desperation, just giving a comparison of how one can give opposite views and examples and how various acts of nature can be avoided if proper preparations are made. (such as the barrier to protect London from flooding) The example of the illegal builds would also indicate that no one had the foresight in asking to see the escritura’s or if there were any building restriction’s from the Junta of Andalusia prior to sinking money into a project. As for bringing up U.K issues, British people were involved in the demolition of their properties so one is entitled to bring a British element into the equation.

    I have never said that having houses in multiple countries is a tax dodge I merely pointed out that undeclared assets is a tax dodge. You should read your own earlier notes on this one, or had you forgotten.

  20. Fred,

    Did you know a half built block of flats were demolished due to it being built where a prospective rail line had been planned. So don’t blame the Junta of Andalusia for everything.

    As I had said previously,(which some people seemed to take offence to) the saga of illegal properties will be a thing of the past, the corrupt officials are slowly being wormed out and sent to prison and it’s unfortunate that so many innocent people were caught in the middle. But it will be resolved one way or another.

  21. “The example of the illegal builds would also indicate that no one had the foresight in asking to see the escritura’s”

    Wrong again, anyone who purchased through a lawyer, which would be 99.9% of people I’d guess, would have seen an escritura. How on earth did you become so ignorant of these matters, Caccia?

  22. Fred,
    For a start the escritura would have indicated who the legal proper owner was. Would it had been Joll, don’t think so which should have been a question mark, and if not what legal paper would state that permission by the owner had given permission.

    Ya know the old saying, “don’t worry it will be sorted out but in the meantime build”.

    Thought someone with various properties in Europe would not show ignorance in such matters.

  23. Fred,

    Do you class yourself at being pretty knowledgeable and astute in purchasing properties and if so would you have taken the same course, build and spend money under those conditions as stated in my previous reply.

    Just a simple reply of YES or NO would be sufficient.

  24. Caccia, who is Joll? You are on the wrong thread totally.
    You are talking about the article “Expats lose battle to save Costa de la Luz homes from demolition”. Who is showing ignorance now? lol.

    I know you’re frustrated about my properties in Europe because you keep on mentioning them, but that’s life Caccia. You had your chance and decided to invest in something with a poor return. I invested more wisely. That’s life.

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