31 Mar, 2014 @ 20:17
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Dave Mahon out of prison on bail

DAVE Mahon has been let out of prison on €15,000 bail, after being formally charged with the murder of his stepson Dean Fitzpatrick.

Mahon’s bail was granted by the High Court in his own bond of €10,000 and another €5,000 from his father Michael Mahon, who will act as an independent surety.

His partner Audrey – mother of missing Amy Fitzpatrick – watched on from the public gallery.

Dean, a father of one, died from a stab wound in May last year, sustained during an altercation with Mahon in his Dublin flat.

He had allegedly gone to confront Mahon over the disappearance of his sister Amy on New Year’s Day 2008.

Mahon will not be returning to Spain however as his passport has been surrendered. He must reside at his address in Santry, Dublin, and sign on at his local garda station each day.


Tom Powell

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  1. Absolutely shocking that he is out under the circumstances.
    Thats Ireland for you – you don’t even need to have the money to get bail they only need to know you are good for it or or your family are.
    Cloverhill prison is more a holding area for those on bail than a prison and they have lots of freedom to make phone calls everyday.
    Next door is wheatfield prison and that is a real prison not as much freedom.
    Now you can see how he plays the system by making sure he turns up to be charged.
    He knew he would get bail just by his actions it’s like a script for a play.
    Audery turns up to support him in court and is waiting for him outside with a hug when he gets bail.
    Tell me this is the right and proper action for a mother who lost two children one to the man she is hugging and charged with his murder.
    I understand its far from over but i am not sure justice will be done.
    He will keep up his act to the end how can she live with the man charged with the murder of her only son.
    Those that support him and her and they are few now should be ashamed.

  2. Mahon only had to pay in €1,000 – his poor Dad put in €5,000 surety. Feel very sorry for his father. Where did Mahon get the €1000 while ‘living in Spain’, but yet on ‘Disability’ in Ireland?? Do Social Welfare Services not read the papers??

  3. Social welfare don’t need to read the papers , I have personally forwarded all the articles to them . They may be interested in the apartment in Spain seen as they had rent paid in Ireland on a property they assumably didn’t live in seen as they were here . That could look like benefit fraud .

    Maybe the authorities could look at Mahon/ Fitzpatrick tax affairs in both countries , as a successful estate agent he will of course have paid his nomina here won’t he ?

  4. Lou Lou – good work! Its mad to think that here in Ireland if you don’t pay a bill you get chased and chased. YET if your under suspicion of murder and you LIVE in Spain, yet are collecting Disability Benefit in Ireland – u get Legal Aid for the Murder Proceedings?? This should be taken further ….. WAY further

  5. Mahon was no more a successful estate agent than the man in the moon! He had a 2 bit office in Calahonda for a while….he was never in it, because he was too busy holding up the bar! He seems to be only “disabled” when he is on Irish soil…….

  6. so where did he get his money from Coral ? he claims to have 8 houses on the costa del sol . Jon this could be something you could investigate – follow the money ..maybe

  7. Have no idea, but he sure is not an estate agent, he might have dabbled in the past…..he certainly does not have 8 houses on the Costa del Sol. They lived in Riviera del Sol, not far from Calahonda, but believe that was repossessed(the house that Amy would have been living at at the time of her disappearance)Nothing really adds up. He is a liar and a scam artist that is for sure. Do not understand at all how they let him out on bail, one thing is good, he can’t come back to Spain.

  8. Bet they’ve already left the jurisdiction! To my mind, looking at the dreadful pictures of her – she’s a person very much ‘haunted’ by her past, and as for him – I’d say those few days in the prison cell shocked him to the core! No way they will stay around to face the music!!

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