A SCOTTISH nightclub owner has died from a car collision while attempting to cross the main coastal highway after a night partying in Puerto Banus on his stag do.

Businessman Billy Peterkin, 59, died instantly as he was hit by a BMW on the N-340, the Autovia del Mediterrananeo, just before 4am on Saturday, when returning alone from the first night of his holiday.

Police believe he was trying to walk back to his hotel on the other side of the road, but tragically there was a pedestrian underpass just five minutes away.

The stretch of road has one of the highest concentrations of accidents in Europe, and measures are in place to deter pedestrians from attempting to cross it.

Police said the 40-year-old driver of the BMW passed a breath and drugs test, and was not arrested. The man from Northern Spain was holidaying in the area.

A source close to the investigation told the Daily Mail: “Mr Peterkin appears to have become separated from his friends and was killed as he tried to cross the N340 from the Puerto Banus side.”

He was due to marry fiancee Emma Gallagher in three weeks. She is now being consoled by family and friends.

A statement issued on behalf of his family read: “Billy Peterkin, a well-loved and respected Glasgow businessman, was killed in a road accident last night in Puerto Banus, Marbella.

“Billy, 59, who was known for his hard work in the licensed trade, including running the Nile bar, had been on a golfing holiday with a group of close, long-time friends.


  1. Sad! I pass this area often, and now see because of the late night customers of Puerto Banus trying to cross the N-340 to the North side, someone has now erected a fence in the middle midium. GREAT ENGINEERING FOR SAFETY??- meaning that any “late-night-imbibor from P Banus” that makes it across half the N-340 is not STUCK in the middle of the N-340. They can ONLY go back – where they die. Lousy plans!

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