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Is Barcelona still the world’s next Amsterdam?

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BARCELONA’S pot party could be over as the government sets a one-year moratorium on opening new cannabis clubs in the city.

For the 160 clubs that already exist, they will be allowed to continue operation, exploiting a legal grey area where marijuana growth and consumption are legal in private.

The moratorium follows the closure of a club in Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella district for allegedly selling to tourists when they were meant to be distributing only to dues-paying members.

Government officials are using this time to reassess its stance on these new businesses, taking into account important issues like their proximity to schools.

This recent fad in legal marijuana has reached across the whole nation, with clubs cropping up in Malaga, Granada, and other tourist destinations in Andalucia.


  1. Spain is the country of the “grey area” when it comes to the law, so many times have I spoken to the police or town hall over a matter I am not sure of of only to be told it is a grey area and open to interpretation. One such example of this was the smoking law for outside anTerrace with a toldo which after following their interpretation of such a grey area (police and town hall) lead to a 1000€ fine

  2. This article is extremely weak and provides no concrete information. If you’re looking to understand what is currently happening with the cannabis clubs in Barcelona, you should read this comprehensive article:


    Proper research would have shown that this is not a “recent fad.” The cannabis club community in Barcelona is well established and operates not on grey areas in the laws, but through liberal privacy laws. To understand exactly how these clubs works, see this article:


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