NEW evidence in an on-going money laundering case could mean more trouble for Spain’s Princess Cristina.

Emails handed to judge Jose Castro – who last month upheld charges against the Infanta – could land her back in the dock once again.

The new documents are part of an appeal filed by Diego Torres, the ex-partner of Duke of Palma Inaki Urdangarin – the Princess’ husband.

The defence team for Torres and his wife Ana Maria Tejeiro claim that King Philip VI’s sister played a key role in and was aware of all of her husband’s business.

Lawyer Manuel Gonzalez Peeters hopes the documents will prove that Cristina lied when she told the court she played no part in her husband’s business activities, and was unaware that the family business – of which she has a 50% share – was used for tax evasion and money-laundering.

The Torres-Tejeiro appeal will now go to the Provincial Court in Mallorca.

In his conclusions following the appeal, Castro maintained the charges against the Princess, and that she has profited thanks to her husband’s dodgy business deals.

Princess Cristina became the first direct member of the modern-day Spanish royal family to be questioned in court in February this year, over these allegations.

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  1. No concept of perjury exists, but witnesses can be prosecuted for false testimony (falso testimonio), but I think this is something that is not applicable the case of the Infanta.

    You’ve Got to love Spain, it’s like a safe-haven for liars, cheats and other corrupt ilk, e.g. banks, politicians, the police etc etc. Lovely eh? See what chance you’ve got when you need to go to court? Buyer beware.

  2. Go back (said politely) to the uk then Fred?

    Why do you live here? (YOU’VE NEVER ANSWERED THIS QUESTION.)

    You are an oppugner to everything about SPAIN, the country you take all the good things it has to offer from.

  3. Derek, please tell us all if you think having perjury law is a good idea or not? Btw I’ve mentioned numerous times that I invested here and work here. What’s that got to do with anything related to this story? I like many aspects of Spain and have integrated here better than you have. As many have pointed out, it’ unlikely you even live in Spain.

  4. Not sure I can be bothered Biddy! ha ha

    Let’s hope for ANY constructive talk on here.

    I just hate the thought of a Spanish person reading all this for the first time.

    i.e. ‘You’ve Got to love Spain, it’s like a safe-haven for liars, cheats and other corrupt ilk, e.g. banks, politicians, the police etc etc. Lovely eh? See what chance you’ve got when you need to go to court? Buyer beware’
    – This majorly trolling paragraph really sums up Fred.

    He should be deported.

  5. @Not a fantasy friend but a realistic person. I have lived in retirement in Spain for 25 years so please don’t come back with various crap that I have read on this site.

    I take it, through reading past comments, that there are perhaps three or four persons that continuously troll on these sites, no point in naming them, they know their names.

    @Derek. What this person maned Fred tends to omit from his observation, ie, quote,

    “You’ve Got to love Spain, it’s like a safe-haven for liars, cheats and other corrupt ilk, e.g. banks, politicians, the police etc etc”.

    Thought at first he was describing the corruption back in the UK, but no, Spain, as though Spain is the only country in the world that has this privilege.

    But what had been left out of his observation was the amount of expats (perhaps in their thousands) that have not declared rental income on properties in Spain and not declared hidden assets outside of Spain, that is if they are resident in Spain.

    If one tends to live in a country then one must abide by the laws of that country, and if not move to another corrupt country.

    So please people, don’t keep on about illegal/legal properties as they appear to have fallen on deaf ears by the amount of people still purchasing properties in Spain.

    As for the laws regarding water rights around Gibraltar, leave it to the British and Spanish government to sort out, you can’t.

    Derek I could go on and on but as you have stated, “Not sure I can be bothered Biddy! ha ha”

  6. Out of curiosity I happened to browse back on some old OP comments and boy did I get a surprise. Three of the prominent current bloggers where moaning even then.

    One lives in France, another lives back in the UK and the third is stuck here in Spain who can’t get a job in the UK. The articles that they wrote was in the year of 2010.

    Three unhappy souls that need help I’m afraid.

    From a happy pensioner that has lived here for 25 years.

  7. OAP,
    the article is about corruption, as you have failed in any way to comment on this we can all assume that you approve of corruption and your pathetic I’m all right Jack attitude tells us all we need to know about you – what a shame your apartment/house has’nt been knocked down.

    As to Brits buying in Spain – are you paid buy some agent to tell this lie, Very few are buying in Spain as well you know.

    I may now live in France but I’ll bet you that I have seen a lot more of Spain not only in the 1960s’ but recently. You may have a little knowledge about a little corner of Spain but sod all about the rest – a very good companion for the little man that has never lived full time in Spain.

  8. @Stuart,

    It would appear by your response that you are a very nasty person and can’t accept facts. Why you questioned my reply regarding corruption I can’t quite understand. All I did was add one or two other items of corruption that were missing.

    It would also appear that you moved from one corrupt country to another, France being rated as being 22nd world wide for corruption and the UK being 14th and increasing. Spain is well down the list but is improving. (Statistics 2012/13).

    Flat/house, like many thousands of other’s in Spain, legal, will not be knocked down.

    Could you name one, just one country that does not harbor corruption, not much to ask for with all your worldly experience. Grow up.

  9. Go for it Biddy! You’ve lived here happily for 25 years. That says a lot.

    Spain has problems definitely, but there’s no point in glorifying in them like the gang on here do (only a couple actually live here).

    Constructive suggestions to solve them, yes.

    Respecting the Spanish, definitely!!

    Bitter Stuart, always casting nasty aspersions about people didn’t fit in here.. wonder why?

    Actually that’s a bloody good thing.

  10. @kb,

    Perhaps you can answer the question posed to Stuart as you also appear to be a worldly know-all.

    “Could you name one, just one country that does not harbor corruption, not much to ask for with all your worldly experience”.

    If you cannot reply sensibly then please do not reply with stupid comments. By the way, I’m not paid by anyone, just common sense and please explain what I do not understand, it would appear that it’s you and perhaps Stuart that do not understand.

    As for fact’s, I have given you fact’s regarding corruption which is easily obtained via the internet and not through OP. Da

  11. kb,

    Norway, rated 3rd. Sweden, rated 5th Denmark, rated 1st but increasing.

    Not one country has a zero corruption rating, close yes, but not zero.

    By the way kb, which were the other few. Da

    @Derek, see what I mean, had to give kb a clue where to look.

  12. kb,

    Something for you to ponder on:-

    “According to the annual survey by the Berlin-based organization Transparency International, Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand are perceived to be the world’s least corrupt countries”.

    Please study carefully, ie:
    “world’s least corrupt countries.

    Can’t see any zero corruption there kb, can you.

  13. Derek, here’s a constructive suggestion – introduce a perjury law in Spain. Nice easy one for you to give us your opinion on. What is your answer?

    Now everyone watch as Derek either disappears or changes the subject. Your credibility is vanishing very quickly Derek…

  14. Fred,

    Like you there are many aspects of Spain that I enjoy immensely but I am talking about Spain as a whole not just a little corner of Andalucia.

    The food in the N W and I don’t mean overpriced Barcelona in the N E. The wonderful walking in the Picos de Europa, the Alpujarras. If your into surfing/w/surfing then there is nowhere better in the whole of western Europe than the Atlantic coast of the N W. Carnival in the Asturias. The world champions for many years of the ‘gin & tonic’ in Pais Vasco. A tuna empanada, nothing comes close to this classic Galician dish. My ‘real’ friendships with Gallegos and Andalucians – I hate Spain LOL – now which little non resident said that?

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