ACCUSED: Ruben Castro
ACCUSED: Ruben Castro

TENS of thousands of people have turned against Real Betis supporters because of a chant that encourages domestic violence.

A video of fans chanting support for striker Ruben Castro went viral after Betis’ match against Ponferrandina on February 8.

Castro is currently facing charges for domestic abuse.

During the game, fans repeatedly chanted: “Ruben Castro! Ruben Castro! It wasn’t your fault. She is a prostitute, you did well.”

The video received 40,000 views in one day before it was removed from YouTube.

The club and the Spanish football league have so far remained silent on the issue, despite the chant being sung two weeks later in another game.

PSOE politician Angeles Alvarez has now added her weight to the discussion.

“It is very sad to hear how Spain is talking about Betis thanks to a bunch of undesirables who damage the image of the club and its fans,” she said.



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