Bullfighting will remain legal in FranceLIKE it or loathe it, bullfighting plays a huge part in Spain’s cultural heritage.

Whether you think it’s iconic or moronic, there’s no doubt that ‘la tauromaquia’ is controversial.

And following its removal from France’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’, we wonder if Spain would ever follow suit.

While the Olive Press neither supports nor condemns bullfighting, the arguments the sport provokes are nothing short of spirited.

How refreshing in a world of increasing apathy, this subject creates passionate debate.

The glory days of bullfighting may well be numbered with activism on the rise and the Canary Islands and Catalunya banning it.

But for now the practice will continue to divide opinion and be seen as an art form for some and a torture device for others.


  1. Stefanjo…….I am still looking for a 100% civilized society, when I
    find it I would like to live there.
    I think Spain has advanced greatly in the past 20+ years re animal
    welfare with the help of many Spanish nationals & associations such
    as PACMA. I remember reading in l993 (probably in Costa Blanca News) about the 20 dogs clubbed to death, with iron bars in the
    Chegin bull ring, Froilan Reina classsified the deed as “the most brutal thing imaginable” & made worse because it was witnessed
    by a group of school children from the nearby college.
    In the UK, animal cruelty is higher than it has ever been, but there
    is more help there, re publicity of cruel acts, places to take a stray animal etc. (But I prefer to live in Spain than the UK)

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