TEN people, including the CDC treasurer, have been arrested as part of an investigation into political corruption

Police detained Andreu Viloca, treasurer to Artur Mas’s party, along with seven business people alleged to have paid illegal commissions to the CDC during Wednesday’s swoop.

Artur Mas
ARRESTS: Treasurer of Artur Mas’s party held in police raids

The bribes were allegedly made in return for being awarded government contracts.

Josep Antoni Rossell i Polo, the leader of a Catalan government public works project agency, was one of those arrested.

Police are also searching 20 properties of people suspected of bribing CDC members, as well as the CDC headquarters in Barcelona.

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  1. This would be hilarious if it were’nt for the fact that the ordinary Catalan/Spanish worker has to cough up via taxation to pay for all this corruption. The corrupt arresting the corrupt – not to believe.

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