10 Dec, 2015 @ 16:00
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SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pablo Iglesias’s campaign poster put on Madrid taxis

TAXI FOR PAOLO: Iglesias's campaign driving ahead

PABLO Iglesias hailed a fare deal from 30 taxi drivers as his general election campaign moved up a gear.

TAXI FOR PAOLO: Iglesias's campaign driving ahead
TAXI FOR PAOLO: Iglesias’s campaign driving ahead

The Podemos leader’s campaign poster was plastered across the fleet of Madrid vehicles.

The taxi drivers had volunteered to carry the advert in support of Iglesias.

A similar campaign saw taxis carrying the poster of Ahora Madrid candidate Manuela Carmena in the run-up to May’s regional election.

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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    • Hope for what? The failed system of socialism?
      Or perhaps you believe in unicorns and rainbows with free pots of gold for everyone? In particular now, where a vote for Podemos would be the epitome of stupid. Now that Spain has taken all the hard decisions over the last several years and the economy is in full recovery? ¿Hola tonto?
      Not sure, but if you know how to read, or read anything other than Pravda, but Spain is now leading Europe in GDP! By the way GDP, doesn’t stand for Give Dumbos Pesetas!

      • Any one saying here that things are fantastic GDP wise in Spain NEEDS his Head examined. In the Canary Islands the unemployment rate is at 30%, The official Markets Watch Dog in Spain recently said that the cases of corruption cost the country more than 40,000 Million Euros………..Tonto, I do not need a pie in the sky fool, just want my tax money WORKING FOR ME. Rubicon Cross, you must be one of those armchair Neo Con theorists, For you information, the national debt now stands at 100% of GDP (GDP), Your friends are dipping their hands into the Social Security Funds. How hard they tried to use the Crisis to STEAL public Patrimonies, through privatizations….Hospital etc.
        Podemos will have to take her Chances with the All Wise Spanish electorate come 20D, You see thousands are questioning why their government are not Working for them, and all the LOOT, We will all see.

  1. I love meeting idiots like you face to face, I have no mercy, I chew them up and spit them out and it is so easy, like taking sweets from a baby.

    There has never been a single Socialist country on this planet. The closest was the Inca confederation but even that needed a figurehead – the Inca. This was destroyed by exactly the kind of Fascist set up that you obviously crave for – the Spanish Catholic barbarians.

    Russia cold have been a real Socialist society but most of the real Bolshevics/Communists died in the front line in 1917. The rest were rounded up and murdered by the psychotic Jesuit, Stalin during the 20s and 30s. The nasty little Lenin knew exactly what Stalin was, so why did’nt he personally execute him?

    Mao was a fat paedophile who had young girls brought to him. He never suffered on The Long March, that’s not a Socialist or Communist that is a Fascist.

    So tell us all where these ‘failed Socialist States’ were. No b/s mind, just hard cold historical facts.

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