wheelchairIN spite of international disability day on December 3, seven in ten Spanish properties are still inaccessible to wheelchair users.

Online realtor Idealista.es puts the problem down to bad planning, rushed construction and a lack of empathy for people with disabilities.

To highlight the plight, CAFMadrid has published a guide to raise awareness and break down both physical and mental barriers connected with disability.

It is hoped that the new government will bring through reforms to improve quality of life and inclusivity for Spain’s disabled.

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  1. This is’nt just a Spanish problem, it’s Europe wide. Have you ever seen an architect in a wheelchair no and you never will and that’s why there is this huge problem. In the UK there are over 1 million wheelchair users and that does’nt include childrens prams. This does’nt include kerbstones that hav’nt been slanted as well.

  2. Dref,
    a really stupid comment and you missed the point entirely, almost certainly because you have never set foot on a construction site. How on earth does an architect in a wheelchair progress check work carried out, totally impossible in a wheelchair. Did this Michael Graves include wheelchair access in his designs?

    Most architects are nothing more than whores who will do whatever the carpet bagging ‘developers’ want.

    What’s wrong with architects – they have zero experience of any construction trade. Most could’nt dry bond a wall if their life depended on it. They go from school/university straight into architecture training, learning from idiots who themselves have zero actual experience. They are obsessed with the visual appearance instead of designs following function.

    If all architecture students had to prove themselves in actual trades before going to study architecture they may then design structures that had real relevance and did’nt present major problems with maintenance programmes.

    Just take a look at the skylines of London and Paris ruined with awful ‘look at me’ egotistical designs, that are bloody ugly. Then compare with the Eiffel tower – pure rational engineering excellence or Corbusier, superb Art Deco designs.

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