THOUSANDS of fishermen braved the Galician rain as they marched in protest over proposed changes to laws governing the fishing industry.

Protesting in the city of Santiago de Compostela, fisherman took to the streets over the regional government’s ‘betrayal of its fishing industry’.

ANGER: Fishermen protest
ANGER: Fishermen protest

They are demanding the draft law is dropped, as it ‘threatens to paralyse the industry’.

The proposed changes would impose restrictions on fishing in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of trawling.

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  1. I remember when we lived in Ortigueria and met an Ex-pat Galician who had returned home for a holiday after 30 years working in Australia as mining engineer.

    He could’nt believe that the Galicians had been so stupid as to fish out their waters. He said that the ria de Ortigueria had once been full of fish and shellfish.

    European commercial fishermen are greedy, they have destroyed in large part all the once bounteous supply. Catching fish to be used to feed cattle – 5K of superior fish protein to make 1K of inferior cattle protein – pure insanity. I can remember seeing vast cold stores in England with prime fish to be used for such an insane reason.

    Time for Europe to have a moratorium on all fishing and stop looting the southern Atlantic, the Arctic, Antarctic and Pacific oceans.

    La genta es muy stupido.

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