holiday-rentals-1HOLIDAY rentals have taken over hotels for the first time in Spain.

Newly released figures show that last year there were more beds available in so-called ‘tourist apartments’ i.e. Airbnb accommodation, than in hotels.

The study, by Exceltur, shows that the number of bed space available through short-term home rentals nearly doubled from 2015 to reach 362,493 beds in Spain’s 22 biggest cities.

That figure is 9.76% higher than what was available in hotels.

“In just four years, vacation rental accommodation has exceeded the number of hotel beds created during entire decades of tourism-industry development,” said José Luis Zoreda, executive vice-president of Exceltur.

Airbnb has been growing at a pace of nearly 100% in recent years, and now represents 54.2% of all available vacation rentals in Spain.

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