CATALUNYA would declare independence within 48 hours of a yes vote in October’s referendum, it has been announced.

A draft bill proposed by secessionists on Tuesday will ask voters if they want to become independent.

48 HOURS TO GO?: Catalans would secede within two days of Yes vote

If there is a Yes vote, the Catalan government, led by Carles Puigdemont, will declare independence within two days.

Meanwhile, King Felipe VI has blasted Catalonia’s planned independence referendum.

While addressing parliament on the 40th anniversary of Spain’s first elections, the Spanish monarch said the vote will only ‘negate freedom’.

Felipe said: “No path taken in our democracy should lead to the breakdown of our coexistence… or to a path that divides Spaniards and breaks the fraternal spirit which unites us all.

“Disagreements and differences can be resolved through dialogue and debate.”

He added that the vote, scheduled for October 1, would only bring insecurity and lead to the ‘negation of freedom’.

The speech comes after Puigdemont claimed Guardia Civil officers were interrogating his party members over the scheduled referendum.


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