A UK imam accused of radicalising a group of Mallorca-based suspected ISIS sympathisers claims he is innocent.

Tarik Chadlioui, 43, was one of six people arrested in a joint operation between Spanish, UK and German police.

TERROR: Suspected ISIS hate preacher denies radicalising Mallorca group

Four suspected ISIS recruits were detained in Mallorca, but at a Westminster court hearing Chadlioui, who faces extradition to Spain, denied any involvement.

He is accused of travelling to Mallorca to make videos promoting Islamist extremism.

“He absolutely denies the allegations against him,” his lawyer Saba Ashraf said.

“He wishes to make it clear that he has always been peacefully preaching the message of Islam and denies the videos listed in the warrant have been used to indoctrinate or recruit jihadis.

A representative for the Spanish authorities claimed Chadlioui was linked to the Al Fagar de Inca mosque in Mallorca.

Carl Kelvin said Chadlioui made ‘a series of three videos with the title ‘Tufiq went to Syria’.’

“The purpose of these videos and other material put online by the requested person, together with the others, was to encourage recruitment and for others to be persuaded to become jihadi fighters,” he said.

“The investigation shows that there was an organised group of at least six individuals who used media to pursue this cause.”

The judge refused bail and remanded Chadlioui in custody.

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