STAR Trek star Sir Patrick Stewart has slammed Brexit in a new video.

The distinguished British actor spoke out against the ‘disinformation’ of the Leave campaign to take the UK out of the EU.

Stewart was speaking ahead of a pro-EU rally in London on September 9, which is being organised by campaigners People’s March for Europe.

“David Cameron didn’t believe we should leave the union. The Leave campaign was filled with disinformation and one huge falsehood  – the £350 million that was going to find its way into the NHS,” he said.

“That £350 million never existed. The people of the UK were misled. Monthly reports are published on the economic impact of leaving the union – and they are all negative.”’

Meanwhile, campaign group Bremain in Spain have blasted the UK government’s Brexit negotiating team’s performance during last week’s Brussels talks.

Chair Sue Wilson criticised David Davis’s team’s ‘lack of preparation’ which contrasted with ‘the professionalism of Michel Barnier’s team’.

The EU’s comments about freedom of movement had also ‘sent shockwaves’ through the 1.2-million-strong British community in the EU, Wilson said.

“Citizens’ rights barely received a mention,” she said. “We have repeatedly been told we are the number one priority in these negotiations but it hardly looks that way

“How much longer must people live with uncertainty and worry?”

She added: “The offer on citizens’ rights, presented weeks ago, reassured us that the EU intended to protect all our rights and freedoms, as if Brexit had never happened.

“This new threat to our freedom of movement is of great concern, especially to those who work, or wish to work, in more than one European country or travel across borders from home to their workplace.”

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  1. It is so obvious what team Maybot are up to in these “negotiations”. There is absolutely no intention on their part to do anything other than walk away, without even a pretence of doing any sort of deal.
    When May returns from her tramp round the Alps, she will make damn sure no-one else enjoys the benefits of EU membership, particularly those currently living on the mainland of Europe.

    • Come off of it stefango, the main topic is about “money”, the EU coffers are almost empty and if the EU’s stance does not change on most things and become realistic then there will be a “walk away”. That sunshine in Spain has certainly affected you, wear a hat or something, if you cannot afford a hat perhaps a hankie with four corners knotted may help.

    • My thoughts exactly Stefanjo, the Brexit ultras want to walk away without a deal and without paying the exit fee and are happy to let the clock run down. The trouble is, businesses don’t want to go over the cliff edge in 2019 and many will relocate to the EU27 taking jobs and tax revenue with them. They need the certainty of frictionless/tariff free trade and access to the single market, customs unions and passporting rights.

      Remember how the Leave campaign (Daniel Hannan) said that leaving the EU didn’t mean losing access to the SM/CU during the referendum campaign? Remember how Gove assured a woman during a TV debate that nothing would change and moving to France would be exactly the same as it is now with all the same benefits in the event of a Leave win?

    • “£350 million never existed”, nor did the €100bn in the A50. T.May gave a fair, positive and considerate understanding for the rights and protection of EU citizens living in the UK which if reciprocal would be quite acceptable for the rights of UK citizens living in the EU but was rejected, so don’t take your bad feelings towards the UK but to the EU. One must also consider that when the UK leaves the EU it becomes a separate entity and not under the controls and constrictions of Brussels and UK laws will be like other nations regarding people’s rights to life in a certain country. ID cards are not new it happen within the EU countries. When Guy Verhofstadt was asked at a press conference by a reporter if he could name one third world country that has trade agreements with the EU if it included free movements of people and come under the laws of the ECJ, “he could not name one”. Yet these demands are being asked of the UK besides many other stupid requests such as the €100Bn. Britain does not wish to be part of a Federal State, does not wish to be part of a EU army which would cost Billions to maintain whereas we already have NATO.(Note. See what the EU intends for a EU army). Does not wish to contribute 18Bn a year, which will increase, into the coffers of the EU (Btw. Future rebates are currently being discussed as non returnable). As for expats living abroad it’s a choice one makes and laws change all the time, even under Blair when he was in charge at the EU, 3350 new laws introduced. Could go on but pointless. It’s a case of do we remain or leave.

      • Now who to listen to, a Shakespearean actor of world renown or a rambling old geezer who hasn’t a clue? Tough choice, but think I’ll plump for Patrick on the grounds that he makes sense and the latter doesn’t.

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