A RESIDENCE housing Malaga FC players has been fumigated following an outbreak of scabies. 

At least two students in the Andalucian Residence, on Calle Julio Verne, have been diagnosed with the contagious skin infection while others have been placed under medical supervision.

RESIDENCE: For Malaga FC students

All players at the residence – managed by the Junta – play in the lower categories of the club and have been granted scholarships to IES Laboral University by Malaga FC.

Uni director Javier Moreno said all protocols have been followed and that there for now there is no risk of an epidemic.


The residence, which has about 300 children, is divided into eight blocks that each receive the name of a province of Andalucia.

Granada block has been affected by the scabies.

During the disinfection, according to the AMPA, the students were distributed to the rest of the blocks.


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