TRAVEL: Brits will need to apply for a document allowing them to visit other EU countries

BRITS will have to pay to travel to EU countries after Brexit, it has been announced.

Although UK travellers will not need a visa, they will have to pay €7 every three years.

The European Commission has confirmed that Brits will have to apply and pay for a document called an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System).

It is expected to come into effect from 2021.

The form is said to take around 10 minutes and it is compulsory for anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 to pay the fee. 

Details needed for the form include passport information and background questions about criminal records and medical illnesses.

The EU says most applicants will find out if they have been successful within minutes, with more than 95% approved automatically.

However, they can be denied and in worst case scenarios take up to four weeks to be processed.

If successful, the ETIAS will be valid for three years and allow an unlimited amount of border entries. It will be checked when entering different countries.

Under the Brexit deal EU citizens and UK nationals will still be able to travel freely with a passport or identity card until the end of the transition period in 2020.

 When the UK leaves the EU, the European Commission has announced Brits will be able to travel visa-free for short stays, as long as the UK offers the same in return.

The form will be compulsory with or without a deal.


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