HEARTBREAKING: Mum and dad of Julen are being assisted by psychologists after the body of their son, 2, was found this morning

JULEN Rosello’s autopsy has revealed that the two-year-old suffered a ‘severe head trauma’. 

According to El Mundo, the full results of the autopsy, which began at 8.30am this morning, will now be transferred to a Malaga court.

Officials there will determine the most likely cause of the boy’s injuries.

There has been no suggestion that the head trauma was not sustained by his fall down the well in Totalan some 13 days ago.

According to the position of the body, experts say the boy fell ‘quickly and freely’ some 71 metres down the shaft.

The boy was found covered in earth, most likely due to the soil he would have moved off the walls on his way down, investigators say.

Julen was found dead at 1.25am today following the biggest rescue mission in Spanish history.

Some 300 people were drafted in to aid the rescue mission, including land surveyors, firemen, Guardia Civil and the eight Asturian miners who spent more than 31 hours digging during the final two days.

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