STUNNED: Expat Nicholas came across the human remains while burying his dog in Mijas (©theOlivePress)

AN investigation has been launched after an Olive Press tip off led police to a mysterious set of human remains.

It came after British expat Nicholas Smith, 63, got in touch after discovering parts of a skull, jaw and leg bone in his back garden.

The dad-of-four from Leicester was left stunned when he happened upon the discovery while burying his dog at his home of 12 years on the Costa del Sol.

He believes the bones are those of a teenager, whose seemingly shattered skull and bones were buried at his home in La Cala de Mijas.

After meeting the former bricklayer and authenticating the find, the Olive Press tipped off the Guardia Civil immediately.

Cops were on the scene at his home within the hour and had taped off the area before carrying out a full excavation.


MYSTERY: Parts of skull and jaw bone and what appears to be a tibia (©theOlivePress)

They told the Olive Press this week: “We can confirm that a set of human remains have been located on a property in the La Cala area.

“We cannot comment any further as this is now an ongoing investigation.”

Smith believes that the bones could be up to 100 years old, a fact, confirmed to him by the police.

The East Midlands expat also believes the bones could be the cause of a series of supernatural events that have taken place at his house.

“There is a ghost in this house,” he told the Olive Press. “She once passed me wearing a shawl and I’ve seen her passing through the windows.

“I think these bones are something to do with her.”

Smith believes the 2cm-thick skull and small skeleton are from a 15 or 16-year-old girl, a similar age to the phantom that ‘haunts his house’.

“I’ve spent every penny on this house, but she has told me, ‘it’s mine, not yours’,” he claimed.

There are more bones buried where Nicholas laid his dog Elsa to rest, but the expat, who suffers gangrene in his toe, said he was too weak to dig any further.

“I was very emotional and had to bury Elsa,” he said. “She was bleeding and leaking puss, and had already been dead for 24 hours.”

The historical burial site will remain cordoned off as the investigation continues.

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