FIRE: A flaming rum cocktail in Palma caused a bizarre accident

AFTER police launched an investigation into an exploding ‘flaming’ cocktail that left three people with third degree burns, it must now be time to reflect on the uncontrolled pace of gentrification in our cities.

When new money floods an area, boosting its social scene, the effect can be dazzling, exciting, but also dangerous.

These three unlucky Palma residents, two of whom are a young couple, are now likely to be left with life-changing injuries.

And all thanks to a fancy €9 cocktail delightfully named ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’, which the bartender sets on fire with flammable super-strength rum.

It is paramount that these ‘Instagenic’ elements of modern nightlife are scrutinised before being unleashed on the public.

As we chase these evermore amazing experiences, local governments and health and safety officers need to implement tighter controls.

As these outlandish activities become more common, let’s think before we act.

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