TERRACE LAW: Causes anger amongst restaurant owners in Palma

THE true impact of Palma town hall’s short-sighted terrace cull has finally come to pass.

It makes grim reading for restaurateurs in the once-booming restaurant scene, already struggling with an overall drop of tourism to the island. 

Some two hundred terraces have gone already with more to follow.

As the Olive Press highlighted last year the stark truth is up to 42% of all the 1,650 terraces in Palma are at risk.

This means the bad situation has the potential to get a whole lot worse, something the town hall need to wake up to.

The dramatic drop in customers at this crucial time of year is totally unacceptable and some jobs have already been lost.

The facts are few holidaymakers opt to sit indoors while nurturing a cold glass of wine or sipping on a gazpacho on a glorious summer evening?

All of this for the sake of 2.5 metres breathing space for a few moaning minnies.

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