HOT WATER: Tourists ran from Aqualand after being evacuated due to a nearby fire

TOURISTS have been filmed ‘running for their lives’ after a fire engulfed a Spanish water park.

Families were seen covering their faces as they jumped into taxis, fleeing billowing black smoke.

Aqualand in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, was evacuated at around 5:30pm yesterday, when a blaze erupted at a nearby restaurant, La Perla.

According to MailOnline, one tourist at Aqualand, Jorge Rodriguez, said: “We were able to leave very quickly thanks to the technical and personnel team.”

BLAZE: Thick black smoke from a fire at a nearby restaurant engulfed Aqualand Maspalomas

A Bomberos spokesperson said that a build-up of rubbish at the eatery, located near warehouses, was the likely cause of the inferno.

One man was treated for minor burns, but none of the revellers evacuated from Aqualand were injured.

A regional emergency spokesperson added: “Firefighters are still at the scene. They have indicated the blaze is under control.

“They are continuing to work on putting it out together with the rest of the emergency services.”

Blast noises were also reported by some, however these were thought to be gas canisters exploding at the restaurant.

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